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  1. If anyone is curious about the first forums I was reading from you can hear full podcast at http://loureads.com/2011/05/26/lou-reads-from-the-forums-of-cumonfood-net/ But the 1st one was cumonfood.net - HIGHLY NSFW and will probably make you puke. 2nd was ShoeSessions.com http://loureads.com/2011/01/06/lou-reads-shoe-sessions-forum-a-place-to-cum-in-shoes-nsfw/ The 3rd was www.eunuch.org http://loureads.com/2011/03/15/lou-reads-from-the-forums-of-eunuch-archive/ and I'm not sure about the saline pumped ball sacs... I'd have to look...
  2. King Lou

    Episode 117 — Can\'t Never Did Nothing

    David Cross is awesome. So glad he finally graced CBB and didn't have to use his appearance to sneak Bret Gelman on like goddamn Odenkirk!
  3. So sad I missed out on this, curse you slow emails, but glad its underway. Maybe next time I'll pay enough attention to be able to get Lou Reads the Internet for YOU! into the line up! Good luck to all the contestants. You'll need it!