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  1. On this week's BS Report, Bill Simmons talked to a guest about the Relevance of U2 after releasing this new album. Bill talks about everything from the band members names, to the albums they've released, even names of specific songs. He was practically asking for tshirts and talking about when he first heard of U2! He seems to be a genuine fan, who knows a lot of the band's history and would make a great guest. Can we get the StaindGlass internet campaign team on this? The U2 Segment starts ~50 minute mark- http://espn.go.com/e...hive?id=2864045
  2. DamnitDavee

    Fupa music video.

    For all the Brett Gelman and Jon Daly fans, check out this video.
  3. DamnitDavee

    Episode 29 — Gangrene & Ice Cream

    How has no one commented yet!? I though this episode was great. Michael was a fun guest, played along with the comedy much more then I thought he would. Super loose and relaxed. Long live Ronna and Bev! And never go to the piercing pagoda!
  4. DamnitDavee

    Episode 81 — Cheetos & Horseradish

    Obviously chewing isn't great to listen to, but what do you want for nothing? Rubber biscuit? For my non-money, I thought this was one of the best Who Charted's yet
  5. DamnitDavee

    Episode 36 — On the Line

    "That's the third time I hit that guy" "So just all stand on one side, grab a Pepsi, and act natural." Comedy! She got rocked! "Oh nothing. Just having some FROSTED FLAKES, like bros do." Have YOU seen her? "Ok, I'll tell ya' about this ball." CUBS WIN! Also : http://davesteffey.com/lisadaly/hdtgm/otl/onlytellastranger.mov Enjoy!
  6. DamnitDavee

    Episode 36 — On the Line

    Some stills that were referenced in the ep, and some that were not: Little Mac Do not ask about Stiller's ball! FAV place for plane throwing Oops! "I'm sorry, fans" Notice there's not even a game in the Gameboy Grad pic! Oh no, not again!
  7. DamnitDavee

    Planet of the Apes (2001)

    +1 vote for Planet of the Apes +1 votes for "blowie" from Paul Giamatti in orangutan makeup Bringing us to a sum total of: Two movie votes, and Two bestiality lovers.
  8. DamnitDavee

    One Star iTunes Reviews

    Double post fixero.
  9. DamnitDavee

    One Star iTunes Reviews

    Horrible- (1/5 Stars) by Hurricane Jim - Jun 1, 2011 "Is this supposed to be funny? I guess I don't get it, and I would like my two minutes of time back that I spent listening to this blatant homosexual talk about hand putty. I read the other reviews and expected something somewhat humorous, but this guy is terrible. I didn't even crack a smile. Boo sir, please stop. Go kill yourself and put us all out of your misery." Informative review eh?
  10. DamnitDavee

    Episode 25 — Raspberry Lemon Dew

    Warren was a fantastic guest. I had no clue who he was before listening to the ep., although I had heard of The Vandals. That being said, I now am officially a fan of his. Seemed very genuine and intelligent.
  11. DamnitDavee

    3 Ninjas (1992)

    I totally agree! It didn't even occur to me to suggest this movie because it's like cannon to myself and friends I grew up with. But Snyder and Colt are ripe for some How Did This Get Made-ing.