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    Episode 53.5 — Minisode 53.5

    As a middle aged father of two teenagers, who can see my "empty nest" status looming, i'm not ashamed to say this movie had me sobbing for the last 15 minutes. It could have been so good. But I think they lost sight of their audience. Preteens, who I think it's geared at, would probably find it boring and confusing,. And parents of preteens would probably find it annoying for all the reasons others have pointed out. I'm still confused about Joni. What's her story? Whats with the birthmark? She was a bit old for Timothy, right? But I have to say that little boy was phenomenal. I really cared about him. My 17 year old daughter caught me in the kitchen sobbing - she laughed at me. I was watching the end where he disappears. I just wish the rest of it wasn't so 'meh'.