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  1. Thegardnerd

    Episode 154 — Suit Shopping

    "This turned into a very Canadian moment" And the racism starts out right off the bat! Nick please come to salt lake city. You don't even have to bring your band. I'll make you pancakes.
  2. Thegardnerd

    Episode 126 — Mr. Manhattan!

    Kulap during the music chart sounds like a polite person indulging an ignorant uncle.
  3. Thegardnerd

    Episode 118.5 — 3/8/13 TWO CHARTED 57

    I checked out Douche Minutiae on spotify today, starred hot slob and when this song is over. I will make sure to play them at least 4 million times each this month so Howie can continue to afford his mystique. I heard that shit is pricey.
  4. Thegardnerd

    Unicorn City

    A slacker/pen and paper gamer attempts to lead his friends and fellow gamers in establishing a "Utopia for Gamers" in the mountains of Utah in order to get a job. This movie was made in Utah with parts of it filmed in a comic and game store I've spent many many hours at. I thought it might be a fun, tame indie, and it sometimes is but most times....ugh. The female characters in this movie are awful. One's a doormat, one's a slutty doormat and the other one has like 3 lines (but like 30 minutes of screen time at least). There was a pretty creepy and gross pre-rape scene between doormat #1 and one of the weirdest characters I've ever seen (Played by Napolean Dynamite's Uncle Rico). There were some generally hilarious parts (Usually physical comedy), and I loved the characters of the main protagonist's best friend and brother, but the top bill himself is just bad. He can't act and he has one of the most punchable faces I've ever seen, and his character is in no way worth rooting for. The story also makes little to no sense, and the movie isn't funny enough to justify the nonsense (something like Hot Rod but made by Mormon amateurs) It's on Netflix.
  5. Thegardnerd

    Episode 115 — Bizarro

    That is bizarre, I have been saying harris is my comedy spirit animal for a while. Did we just become best friends?
  6. Thegardnerd

    Episode 87 — Sexual Attraction Pt 2

  7. Thegardnerd

    Episode 10 — Building The Track Pt 2

    Nick Thorburn needs an earwolf podcast of his very own. I could listen to that man talk about dry toast.
  8. Thegardnerd

    Episode 107 — Rock Your Brody

    Every time I hear someone say "Drag n' drop" in the squarespace promo I wish for a DBS dubstep track with a Dragon Drop.
  9. Thegardnerd

    Episode 106.5 — 12/14/12 TWO CHARTED 45

    A dorchester by any other name would taste as sweet.
  10. Thegardnerd

    Episode 82 — Voice

    Did anyone else see the Happy Birthday Dan sign at the end of SNL(Jamie Foxx)? Was that a PB ref?
  11. Thegardnerd

    Episode 1 — Let the Game Begin!

    Also, Blaine needs to tone it down just a tad.
  12. Thegardnerd

    Episode 1 — Let the Game Begin!

    Like Sark, I am also a recovering Mormon. Unlike Sark, I have manned up and sent a hobo on his way to Satan's fiery embrace.
  13. Thegardnerd

    Episode 104 — Hardwickipedia

    This podcast gets my wick hard.
  14. Thegardnerd

    Episode 103 — Body Texting

    Howard, if you make a new theme for Twoch for Kulap you should refer to her as Miss Pronunciation.
  15. Thegardnerd

    Episode 79 — Elections

    14 years ago, kyle executed the greatest internet caper ever: MTV 'hacking' itself! http://news.cnet.com/MTV-hack-backfires/2100-1023_3-215319.html
  16. Thegardnerd

    Episode 101 — Crazzle Dazzles

    Kulap have you heard the amazing impression of you Scott does? Also the All Things Comedy player doesn't seem to work. WHAT UP WIT DAT?
  17. Thegardnerd

    Episode 47 — Super Mario Bros: LIVE

    I'm going to get into comedy just so i can hang out with jenny slate.
  18. Thegardnerd

    Episode 97 — Funchbob Coolpants

    Glad to see the hair getting long again Howie, you were starting to look like a crazy army vet still fighting his war.
  19. Thegardnerd

    Episode 46 — Barb Wire

    This is the movie that partly killed the box office potential of "MST3K the Movie". For that grievous sin I will never forgive it and refuse to ever watch it, even ironically. I will have to 'settle' for this entertaining run-through. Great show guys, Jesse was a great guest!
  20. Thegardnerd

    Episode 178 — Motor Boating Around Town

    I want it to turn out that Seth is Bob Ducca under an alias, then Scott and Marissa will be stepbrother and sister.
  21. Thegardnerd

    Episode 176 — Out of Bleeps

    The speed round really got me thinking. Should be called the Speedeep round.
  22. Thegardnerd

    Episode 93.5 — 9/14/12 TWO CHARTED 32

    Mafia is lame Kulap, buy cards against humanity for your next dinner party.
  23. Thegardnerd

    Episode 93 — RikiLeaks

    Riki Lindhome's doing her best Mckayla Maroney Kate Micucci face in that 3rd pic