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  1. Thegardnerd

    Episode 175 — Mop Water

    One episode deep I love everything about Animal Practice except the animals.
  2. Thegardnerd

    Episode 11 — Gelmania XI

    I really shouldn't listen to this show high.
  3. Thegardnerd

    Episode 172 — This is a Safe Zone

    Wow that plugs song was fantastic!
  4. Thegardnerd

    Episode 89.5 — 8/17/12 TWO CHARTED 28

    Is calling the original show "hooch" a new thing? cause it should be a thing.
  5. Thegardnerd

    Episode 40 — Over Hard

    Wikipedia: North Americans use many different terms to describe fried eggs, including: A style known simply as 'fried' — eggs are fried on both sides with the yolks broken until set or hard. 'Sunny side up' — cooked only on one side; yolk is liquid; the egg white is set. This is often known simply as 'eggs up'. Gently splashing the hot cooking oil or fat on the sunny side uncooked white, i.e., basting, may be done to thoroughly cook the white. Covering the frying pan with a lid during cooking (optionally adding a cover and half-teaspoon of water just before finishing) allows for a less "runny" egg, and is an alternative method to flipping for cooking an egg over easy (this is occasionally called 'sunny side down'). 'Over easy' or 'over light', cooked on both sides; the yolk is a light runny and the egg white is fully cooked. "Over easy" fried eggs are also commonly referred to as dippy eggs or dip eggs by Marylanders, by Pennsylvania Dutch persons living in central Pennsylvania and those living around them, mainly due to the practice of dipping toast into the yolk while eating. 'Over medium' — cooked on both sides; the yolk is of medium consistency and the egg white is thoroughly cooked. 'Over well' — cooked on both sides until the yolk has solidified. 'Over hard' or 'hard' — cooked on both sides with the yolk broken until hard. 'Overcook' — cooked on both sides until the egg white and yolk have hardened and started to brown.
  6. Thegardnerd

    Episode 86 — Dipped in Eros

    I want to play a platonic love interest to all three of the people on this podcast. From Spencer to Charted.
  7. Thegardnerd

    Episode 167 — New No-Nos

    White people, amirite?
  8. Thegardnerd

    Episode 58 — Legends

    That cain=bigfoot thing is an old Mormon legend. I've never heard about the mine that you enter and find money what kind of harry potter nonsense..? I love this show.
  9. Thegardnerd

    Episode 9 — Gelmania IX

  10. Thegardnerd

    Episode 28 — My Hometown Sux

  11. Thegardnerd

    Episode 74 — Engorged Heart Clit

    It has to be a noun, like the shocker, the devil horns, etc. Here are some ideas: (maybe others have thought of these but I don't know about them) Knuckle Fucker Palm Greaser Thumb Pumper Hand Jab
  12. Thegardnerd

    Episode 73.5 — 4/27/12 TWO CHARTED 12

    "Family Circus it" Nice one, howie!
  13. Thegardnerd

    Episode 31 — April Fools!

    I like to think that Podcast Engineering is just Dustin's family heritage, a trade passed down from his grandfather to his father and now him.
  15. Thegardnerd

    Episode 70.5 — 4/6/12 TWO CHARTED 9

    I want a new podcast "Howard Kremer Describes Electronic Menus." Ok, so with 'guide' you make the show a different color, then you're one button away from watching it. If you're feeling like a new flavor, you can move the different colored square to a neeeew show
  16. Thegardnerd

    Episode 69.5 — 3/30/12 TWO CHARTED 8

    I think the genre they are talking about is called "Movie Trailer Music"
  17. Thegardnerd

    Episode 33 — Abduction

    First Pete Holmes, now Jessica Chaffin, guys, lets go for broke and bring TJ Miller on next week. No Discussion Will Be Had.
  18. Thegardnerd

    Episode 150 — Time Bobby

    Hearing PFT as ALW talk about Glamourpusses takes me back to when I first heard the impression on doug loves movies about 2 years ago. Meeeeeeeemories... ET CETERA
  19. Thegardnerd

    Q&A w/ Paul Scheer Thread

    Paul, not sure if you are still keeping up with this thread but have you and the crew considered doing the rifftrax model? I love Mike and the bots but their brand of humor is a little dated, I'd much rather hear you guys rip apart a movie.
  20. Thegardnerd

    Episode 19 — Twirly Burrito

    Matt what are some improv tips you can divulge? My friends and I like to create scenes with our characters when we play games like Arkham Horror and stuff.
  21. Thegardnerd

    Episode 68 — Flatstock

    I can see the book now. How to evict a mouse from your peehole By Lee Kremer
  22. Listening to this episode while at work is my own personal time bath.
  23. Yeah that sounded like a form letter. Dear <BLANK> You have always been one of my favorite <BLANK> for many years, and you have always brought <BLANK> to my <BLANK>. I especially loved your work in <BLANK>, <BLANK> and your tremendous <BLANK> in the fantastic <BLANK>. If you would be so <BLANK> as to <BLANK> to me a <BLANK> <BLANK>, I will be forever <BLANK>. Yours <BLANK>, Spencer