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  1. Thegardnerd

    Episode 146.5 β€” TWO CHARTED 85

    I think we all have a little internet buzz-about in us.
  3. Thegardnerd

    Episode 5 β€” Burning Man

    "Those Aren't Muskets" could be the name of one of those orgy tents. Good pod.
  4. Thegardnerd

    Episode 121 β€” Live from Montreal / The Internet

    Reddit's comment section has a toooooooooooon of crap in it but there are usually a handful of really funny comments on any given post. It's like a writer's room pitch session but with millions of people.
  5. Thegardnerd

    Episode 243 β€” Blow Me Up, Tom!

  6. Thegardnerd

    Episode 143 β€” Normies

    Oprah is not a good actress, just to clear that up.
  7. Thegardnerd

    Episode 142 β€” Bullshark

    No mention of Biscotti around the shark tale discush'? NEGATIVE COMEDY CREDITS FOR EVERYONE
  8. Thegardnerd

    Generation Gaps

    Nice annoying orange ref swaim you still got it Edit: can we get a track list? Double edit, listened to the end. never mind.
  9. Thegardnerd

    Episode 237 β€” Filipino Blockbuster

    Well we will just have to agree to disagree. Not about this, you're clearly right, but about other things, probably, nobody syncs up on everything.
  10. Thegardnerd

    Episode 237 β€” Filipino Blockbuster

    Did scott say 'A Nat Fraction' in the stamps ad? Does he write movies with Jim Rational Numbers?
  11. Yay my question got read! Great scene and story from Langan!
  12. You want to play something with your dog, play fetch, not hide the salami. Don't zmash or ztumble your dog. __________---------------___________* The more you know.
  13. Jake you marvelous fuck you look like you should be working in Gringotts.
  14. Thegardnerd

    Episode 232 β€” LIVE from San Diego Comic-Con

    Hot dog should be on the next episode of Analyze Sha Na Na
  15. Thegardnerd

    Episode 137 β€” Gender Rolls

    John Carter was on mars, and written about by Edgar Rice Burroughs, who also wrote Tarzan. John Carpenter had a movie called "Ghosts of Mars." So you were close, Howard.
  16. Thegardnerd

    Episode 67 β€” Sharknado

    200mph made me physically ill
  17. Thegardnerd

    Episode 136.5 β€” 07/12/13 TWO CHARTED 75

    "Wie got some gifts" That song is secretly only about howard. It does say "to me and ku" but that's just so she doesn't feel bad.
  18. is Martin photoshopped into that picture hahaha
  19. Thegardnerd

    Episode 7 β€” A Crazy Moment in Phishtory

    I'll go in HK's stead to the phish show, I'll talk about summer at least twice.
  20. Thegardnerd

    Episode 112 β€” Yoga

    Nick Kroll, Basketball phenom and inventor of the Pick and Kroll.
  21. Thegardnerd

    Episode 111 β€” Live from LA / Mothers

    Jon sounds put off for a lot of this, haha poor guy.
  22. Thegardnerd

    Episode 133 β€” Summah Semantics

    It's not the top knot, it's the 'lap knot
  23. Thegardnerd

    Episode 107 β€” Stress

    Great podcast, I like topics like this where personal experience can be as valuable as academic expertise. Great stories from all of you! It's too bad Kyle doesn't get along with weed, it does wonders for my stress.
  24. Thegardnerd

    Episode 107 β€” Stress

    mitigate, ameliorate, disperse, displace, alleviate, relieve, juggle, navigate, engage???
  25. Thegardnerd

    Episode 130 β€” Naked Oil Boy Fights

    Great episode! The best guests are people that are willing to say yes to Wie Wie's madness.