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  1. PotatoLover

    Episode 107 — I Can See Clearly!

    Couldn't have enjoyed this more. The other bus patrons from my commute this morning can attest to my huge, beaming (and oh-so-awkward) laughter-boner. I had to ride a few extra stops before getting off.
  2. PotatoLover

    Episode 103 — Carl Jung!

    For those interested in the inevitability of Hitler discussions - Godwin's Law. As always, great episode!
  3. PotatoLover

    Guests You Want To Hear On The Wolf Den 2012

    Scott, Nick Weidenfeld, Fred Seibert (Frederator Studios), Rob Schrab and/or Dan Harmon, John Evershed and/or Aaron Simpson (Mondo Media), Jake Nickell or Thomas Ryan (Threadless).
  4. PotatoLover

    Episode 48 — Hello 2012!

    Looking forward to the evolution of the Wolf Den. By far one of my favorite podcasts, and such a valuable source of insight and information. Almost a year ago I started my own LLC regarding new media content creation, and the progress and growth I've seen can be very much attributed to things I've learned from the show or the reading and other info I sought out after hearing it referenced here. Here's to a productive and rewarding 2012 to both Jeff and Earwolf!
  5. PotatoLover

    Episode 100 — EPISODE 100!!!

    Really enjoyed Ep 100. Doug's reaction to the Oprah Game is definitely one of the best. Also, great sponsor this week!
  6. PotatoLover

    Episode 44 — HijiNKS ENSUE

    By far one of the most sobering and encouraging episodes yet. Often people summarize the difficult times and strained financial circumstances of committing to dream job in a few sentences, and to hear Joel discuss his experience with such honesty and detail was amazing. I can't wait to read the essays about the experiment. More like this, please. And Jeff, super excited to hear about your time at the Seth Godin workshop. You going to sneak in a few interviews while you're there?
  7. PotatoLover

    Episode 95 — Comic Books!

    Apparently, as of 2002, women have prostate glands.
  8. PotatoLover

    Episode 51 — Death of the Party

    Julia has the right idea. Ghosts N' Shit, please. I will gladly donate/record/edit/animate to make that happen, even if it's only a one-off Earwolf Presents.
  9. PotatoLover

    Episode 42 — How Did This Get Made?

    Paul is always an enjoyable, insightful listen. With the recent news of Community being put on hiatus and the internet/social media uproar, the thought of a show like that and what the potential benefit would be from promotion via Earwolf is even more interesting. Question with the Amazon setup - is it possible to assign a shortened or redirect url? Something sexy like earwolf.com/amazon that's easier to promote audibly and takes out the extra steps of finding the button/link on the show page?
  10. PotatoLover

    Episode 50 — DJ Robbi Scrab

    Awesome episode! I'm hoping Rob is inspired to make the Jim Henson biopic a reality. Based on what I've heard from him in other podcasts, I feel like he could bring a real personal, inspired drama to the whole wiping angle.
  11. PotatoLover

    Episode 3 — Gelmania

    I see a Hulkamania-esque bandana and bright yellow t-shirt in my future.
  12. PotatoLover

    Episode 31 — Dragon Boy Suede and Oates

    I met Kate MIccuci once a few years ago. It was maybe a day or two after seeing her at the Tomorrow show and I told her how great she was, and then let her go about her business at WaMu because I was almost certain I frightened her. It was like approaching an adorable woodland creature who plays catchy ukulele songs about other woodland creatures.
  13. PotatoLover

    The Reading Room

    Thanks for starting the reading room thread and for referring me to Seth's blog/other works. I'm going to supplement the free blog with some near-free used books via amazon.