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Status Updates posted by brettcm82

  1. well this is a horrible

  2. "Zack, Just ban brett!" -chuggaaconroy0144

  3. I did something wrong here... http://t.co/iJ6WihjT

  4. Ben and I are bored. Add me on skype and we'll play on your server. Brettcm82

  5. the swoops gave me a rash

  6. "Does Brett really work as a sexline person?"

  7. Could you want to come onto le server?

  8. Mormons believe our bodies are gifts from our Heavenly Father and should be treated with respect.

  9. Scottland is further away than we thought... http://t.co/tNPkMIJu

  10. My dog was pretending to be Asian http://t.co/30FBVn47

  11. Gonna live stream the shit out of ADVENTURE TIME nowhttp://t.co/Vtg0l9Qn

  12. I uploaded a @YouTube video http://t.co/ZIXGEtUW Slender Threeway with Mac & Ben

  13. It's hard keeping up with fads

  14. Gonna stream STAR WARS tonight with the @redlettermedia commentary around 9pm EST http://t.co/Vtg0l9Qn

  15. gonna play slender live and maybe some more games in about an hour at http://t.co/Vtg0l9Qn