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    The Rock (1996)

    I was watching this on TV the other day and all I could think of was how badly I wished I could go listen to a HDTGM right after.
  2. I have a 13yo who, over the last couple years, has steadily shown new interest in different types of music. I love music and enjoy most genres of it given the right mood or circumstance. For the most part, my son has always enjoyed new types of music that I have been introducing him to. After he started using Pandora, he found other bands that I've never heard of like Suicide Silence and other death metal bands. He says that he just really likes the percussion and progressive style of the music and I have to admit, that's a compelling reason to listen. What I take issue with, is how much he wants to identify himself with the culture surrounding the death metal music. Growing out his hair longer, brooding more, his attitude even seems worse (I mean for a 13yo that's saying a lot because they're already nuts). I don't want him to continue listening to music that is going to make others see him in a light that I know isn't true about him. Does anyone else here have this going on? Or have any suggestions on how I should handle this?
  3. hey who pooped on those leaves?
  4. ChaseRoper

    Episode 245 — Poehler Ice Caps

    What are you even talking about!? PFT's Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber is SPOT ON.
  5. ChaseRoper

    Episode 245 — Poehler Ice Caps

    Unrelated to this episode, last night my wife was reading a horoscope out loud and mentioned that one of our kids' sign governs the stomach and thorax. I said that I didn't think people had a thorax to which my 14yo replied, "I've heard of the Lorax, but the thorax!?" I have the best kids.
  6. I mean, I've heard of Breaking Bad but Breaking PHONES?
  7. ChaseRoper

    Episode 70 — Gymkata: LIVE!

    I like when our hero is told "No guns are allowed in Parmistan. If they find a gun on you, they will cut your head off." Hey, not if he HAS A GUN.
  8. ChaseRoper

    What's the Weather?

    I thought it would be really helpful if we had a place on the internet to get more weather updates. Each week we know what the weather was like in L.A. at the time of the CBB recording but what about other places in the world? How are we supposed about the weather somewhere else?! So each day, come on here please and share your location and weather. I'll start. Olympia, WA. A few clouds outside but mostly blue skies and sunshine.
  9. ChaseRoper

    What's the Weather?

    Awesome. I don't think I know you but I never go out to clubs or do anything fun. So that might be why. Mostly cloudly but might clear up to be a nice summer day!
  10. ChaseRoper

    Help! I don't like the music my son is listening to!

    Update: He's 14 now and I bought him and his friends tickets to Warped Tour for his bday in May so I guess I gave up on this.
  11. ChaseRoper

    Your favorite non earwolf podcasts?

    I am super loving Alton Brown's new podcast. It's part Good Eats, part interview a food person. It's like Food Made it Weird.
  12. ChaseRoper

    Writers Wanted!

    Why all the secrecy in posting the link? Is this writing gig for pay?
  13. I'd like to do a live event for my podcast but I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to need beyond my laptop/software and mics. Any tips?
  14. My new catchphrase suggestions never get picked so I've killed myself. Bye.
  15. ChaseRoper

    Episode 62 — Joyful Noise

    The sunglasses for the kid with Aspergers makes sense but the movie didn't do ANYTHING to explain why. It might have been on accident like you guys suggested. My son has Apsergers and a key component for a lot of people on this end of the autism spectrum live with different sensory sensitivities Certain sounds, over stimulation, fabrics or lighting (especially flourescent) bothers them. We have a special plan in place with my son's school that includes allowing him to wear sunglasses in the building and during if he feels like he needs to. I don't think there was anything in the movie that did a good job of explaining this kid's Aspergers or even that they got it right, but I just thought I'd share and educate a little!
  16. When the topic of imaginary friends came up and Scott asked about MTJ having one, I hoped with all my heart that MTJ would have revealed that he is in fact Scott's imaginary friend.
  17. Anybody want to join my new jazz/ hip hop band?
  18. ChaseRoper

    Tonx coffee sponsor

    Just got my free sample delivered today. Ground it for espresso and made an iced Americano. It is fantastic. Using the Bangbang promo code and getting the subscription!
  19. ChaseRoper

    Living with mental illness

    Bullstation, I hate to also sound cliched but this just sounds real tough and I'm sorry your family going through this. I wish I could offer some sort of advice or resource for you. Hopefully you also have a close friend or two that you can talk to you. Just using someone who will listen to your frustrations and validate what you are feeling can be a help for me often. If want one more person like that, email me at chase.roper@gmail.com and I'll send you my phone number!
  20. You know what they say, no one likes to hear you toot your own horn because you are a horrible trumpet player.
  21. ChaseRoper


    A couple favs from when I was too young to be reading them: The God Particle The Tao of Pooh Currently, loving Going Clear.
  22. ChaseRoper

    Your top 3 favorite comedians alive right now.

    Paul F. Tompkins Jen Kirkman Tig Notaro
  23. ChaseRoper

    Anyone have a unique podcast concept?

    This sounds like mine.
  24. ChaseRoper

    Jeff Q&A

    First, I accept your apology. Second, I, being a creative artist in my own right, shall will be forced to execute my super awesome idea with my own resources, passion and time!