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    Gratitude Lists!

    I have a Wednesday list here. Too soon to make the call on today! 1. Family and friends who took the time out of their day to celebrate my son's birthday. 2. Air conditioning! 3.The 7 hours I spend PLAYING WITH MY KIDS. 4. Social Networking. Seriously, I was able to send and recieve instant pics and birthday messages to and from my son yesterday with family who live too far away. That really was awesome. 5. Iced Coffee. Coffee will almost always make list.
  2. ChaseRoper

    Episode — Love, Dad

    Wow, THANKS Eric!
  3. ChaseRoper

    Gratitude Lists!

    This morning I am so so so grateful for coffee. Seriously you guys, where would dads be without this? Also grateful that my wife has a job she loves that pays for the roof over our heads.
  4. ChaseRoper

    Episode — Love, Dad

    Barry, one of my boys has autism and he has a pretty set palate when it comes to eating anything. I just started making his favorites by scratch so I could make them as healthy for him as possible. There's a great recipe I saw for chicken nuggets that gets them pretty close to the frozen kind. Anyways, its ok to make those things for her as long as she's eating and healthy. I tried the book "Deceptively Delicious" for a while. Neat tricks on sneaking veggies into your kids' food. Some of it was good.
  5. ChaseRoper

    Gratitude Lists!

    Why is this so hard to do!? 1. I am grateful for my wife who works her ass off at something she loves to do while supporting me doing something I love to do (and which mostly pays nothing.) 2. I am grateful for the swimming pool we heading out to in a few minutes. Seeing my kids enjoy their summer makes me happy. 3. I am grateful for being creative. 4. I am grateful for Earwolf. Comedy (and podcasts especially) is so therapeutic to me. When life seems insurmountable, comedy has always been there to pull me out. Earwolf gives this to me almost everyday for free. It is truly a gift. 5. I am grateful for my Citalopram.
  6. ChaseRoper

    Episode 132 — Sign My Box!

    This was a fun episode for sure. Let me just speak as an assumed parenting expert and say that you absolutely wish you could trust everyone in your family circle to have your child's best interests in mind only. In reality, no matter what or who the situation may be, I always say that as a parent, you have to assume that everybody wants to molest your kids and should plan accordingly. Also, no male person will ever have access to my kids without myself or my wife in close proximity. I trust my sister-in-laws (sisters in law?) explicit but their boyfriends, my friends, my own dad, etc? NOPE. Honestly, I'm pretty sure that given the opportunity, all of you are just dying to molest my kids.
  7. ChaseRoper

    Episode — Love, Dad

    This isn't so bad. My kids have some knock knock jokes they've made up that made me fake chuckle at first but then 2 more hours of listening make me want to kill myself.
  8. ChaseRoper

    Episode — Love, Dad

    More like Love, THIS PODCAST.That was horrible of me. I'm a dad of 4 kids from ages 13 to 5. I make one of these dad podcasts and started it for part of the same reason, There wasn't much to pick from, podcasts were inconsistent or done with cheeky "morning radio" personality voices. I wanted to make something I would listen to. Thank you Earwolf for giving me this. And yes, I see this as a direct gift to me. You guys mentioned Health Savings Accounts briefly and I just wanted to mention that my wife and I have an HSA and guess how many times we want/need to get money right back out of it? Yeah, EVERYTIME.
  9. I've never met Tig but I have a love and respect for her that I don't have for most of my extended family. Her stand up has always been an inspiration to me and stories she's shared on WTF made that appreciation grow exponentially. Tig, if you read this, please know that my grandmother survived breast cancer before I was born. When I was little, I found a bra in her laundry room that had a built rubbery feeling boob shaped thing. That's how I would have described it when I was 6. My grandma called it her bonneygoggle. I still don't know why. She past away a few years ago at 83 years old. Cancer could get her. I guess what I'm saying is, maybe you can have your own bonneygoggle one day.
  10. ChaseRoper

    Episode 170 — New Scoop

    So. . . Hairy butt-holes, yay or nay?
  11. Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced usb condenser mic? My podcast has finally reached a point where it can afford to buy one and this is unfamiliar territory for me!
  12. ChaseRoper

    Episode 166 — Farts and Procreation 2

    an update from Chelz.
  13. ChaseRoper

    Episode 166 — Farts and Procreation 2

    Can someone please work up a Too true, mon frère Dubstep?
  14. ChaseRoper

    HAVIN' A SUMMAH 2012!

    Tomorrow is going to be the first full day of sunshine we've seen in WA since summah started. I'm sorry for the rest of the country that is on fire and dying of heat exhaustion, but dammit - can we just have ONE DAY up here? So far, I've taken my kids to the pool in our community a bunch of times even though it was a scorching 67 degrees and sprinkling. But I did start off the summah at Sasquatch with Howard so I can't complain.
  15. Baa Baa was always the black sheep of the family.
  16. ChaseRoper

    Comedy Mega-Corporately Sponsored Bang Bang

    I was REALLY happy when I heard that Pepsi ad. It validates podcasts as a "real" medium - even if just a little bit. We were already hearing ad spots, is it that bad to have Pepsi pay Earwolf for air time on that podcast you are downloading for free? It's exciting.
  17. ChaseRoper

    Anyone have a unique podcast concept?

    The other day I was on Youtube and saw these ridiculous "relaxation" videos where a person whispers the whole time. Here's a clip of some chick tapping on a mirror while she whispers. I want to do a short run podcast series where it's only whispering. It will be called "Shhhh!"
  18. ChaseRoper

    Earwolf at Bumbershoot 2012?

    Someone asked Paul F. Tompkins on Twitter what the chances were of him appearing at Bumbershoot this year to which Tompkins replied "Chances = 100%". So there's something anyways.
  19. ChaseRoper

    Sasquatch Festival

    I didn't lie! http://blog.earwolf.com/post/24210303405
  20. ChaseRoper

    Sasquatch Festival

    Are any of you forum folks going to be at the Sasquatch Festival? I'll be camping there this year doing press. Also plan on snapping some great pics (mediocre) pictures to hopefully share on the Earwolf blog. You'll be able to find me hanging around the Banana Shack most of the time.
  21. ChaseRoper

    Sasquatch Festival

    plus St. Vincent, Todd Barry, Pete Holmes, Nick Kroll, John Mulaney, Childish Gambino, Portlandia, and John C. Reilly with some weird folk band!
  22. ChaseRoper

    Episode 35 — Tiptoes

    You know what bugs me? People who who insist on taking a word that is perceived to be bad and making it the "first letter"-word. That alone is passive aggressive. Like Louis C.K has brought up on stage, you abbreviate but we're all still thinking it. Can't we discuss the word and use the word we're discussing? Midget was once the actual term used to describe severely small people who had regular proportioned bodies. Like a hobbit. P.T. Barnum used the term for people living with Dwarfism and obviously was degrading those people as well. The rest of society didn't get the memo and most of us don't know when to use which term. Do you want dwarf? Do you want "little person"? How about I ignore it all together and don't call you anything. Except for when I'm watching a movie wherein actors living with dwarfism (or kneeling down and pretending to) are referring TO EACH OTHER as all three! So cut everyone some slack. Nobody wants to hurt anyone's feelings here. You should all be just as equally offended that this god damned movie exists. I have a son with autism and if there was a Tiptoes movie about living with Aspergers I'd be upset. Unless I wrote it. I should write that.
  23. ChaseRoper

    Episode 35 — Tiptoes

    *deleted accidental duplicate post because I am an retarded.
  24. ChaseRoper

    Episode 35 — Tiptoes

    If you pretend that Tiptoes is an ironic drama ghost written by Zach Galifianakis, it's pretty hilarious.
  25. ChaseRoper

    Episode 154 — Finger Guns

    You are very brave to take this stance. However, I don't think your bravery out weighs your wrongness.