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    Episode 72 — Scientific Matter

    This was so much fun to listen to and you didn't spoil Cabin in the Woods! I trust all of you so hard right now.
  2. It should be a surprise that CBB made this list. What I really love it the description of CBB that Mashable came up with.
  3. ChaseRoper

    The iBrain is REAL.

    My son just pointed out that THIS was the real iBrain.
  4. ChaseRoper

    The Rock (1996)

    If you re-watch this movie, I promise you won't be able to see Nic Cage without thinking of everything that is wrong with Nic Cage.
  5. ChaseRoper

    Episode 33 — Abduction

    This episode debunked me. Am I using debunked right?
  6. ChaseRoper

    Episode 150 — Time Bobby

    Fear not! Lest we forget that Scott is a Time Bobby. A Scott from the past (or future?) will surely correct this incident and put an end to the ALW stalking orphaned boy before this ill fate is met! Also, if future time traveling Scott comes back, he could start recording episodes from our current time and not have to worry about too many out dated references or existence spoilers!
  7. ChaseRoper

    Audible and Other Podcast Advertisers

    Audible has an excellent affiliate program. The publisher (podcaster) sends someone over to sign up for a free trial with a free audio book download and after 30 days they start getting charged for their membership should they decide to stay. I'm most people just stay. The publisher gets a kick-back for the new membership. I'm not sure how every body else manages their sponsors/ad space but I think it's great.
  8. ChaseRoper

    Recommendations for a condenser mic?

    Thanks FartStore!
  9. ChaseRoper

    Petition: Get Duncan Trussell on Bang Bang

    Weird, Duncan doesn't look like himself in that avatar pic.
  10. This should be posted in the "How do I get more Twitter followers" thread.
  11. ChaseRoper

    Hopes and Dreams for The CBB TV show

    I like to pretend that the laser beam that blew up that dude's head was a comedy death ray.
  12. ChaseRoper

    Episode 148 — Wipeout!

    I just realized it, shouldn't it be 1, 0, -1, -Nose, -3?
  13. ChaseRoper

    Got a job?

    I'm always looking for more responsibilities with no extra pay. Something tells me that makes me your dream candidate.
  14. ChaseRoper

    How do I get more Twitter followers?

    I thought of a practical tip for you. Use the advanced twitter search to target and follow users closely related to your niche. Follow a whole bunch of them. A lot of the time, those users will follow back. After a couple weeks, use a program like Social Bro so you can search people you follow who don't follow you back and cut loose anyone you'd like. There's something for you.
  15. ChaseRoper

    What would be the opening line of your stand up routine.

    "don't say, 'move mic stand' out loud. . . dangit."
  16. ChaseRoper

    Help me with my podcast?

    chase.roper@gmail.com or 253-987-6737. Look at me, I'm like Jake Fogelnest!
  17. ChaseRoper


    LibSyn will tell you exactly how many downloads your show has and even breaks it up per day, location, devices, site referrals, etc. Good info to know and to KEEP to YOURSELF in most cases. Feedburner gives me a pretty good rough estimate on number if itunes subscribers, unless there's a better method I don't know about. What really irks me is not being able to keep track streams. So far, most of my audience listens directly from my site and Libsyn isn't counting that as a download. Stop making me do math Libsyn!
  18. ChaseRoper

    Live Yowie Web-a-Thon

    At this very moment (10:52am pst) I'm live over at Yowie.com. Feel free to jump in or delete this thread if it is now over and you are a moderator! http://www.yowie.com/videochat/5t4-sahdcast-web-a-thon
  19. ChaseRoper

    Anyone have a unique podcast concept?

    I guess this is as good of a place as any to say that I think my own podcast about being a stay at home dad is fantastic. Well, mediocre anyways. I talked to John Ross Bowie recently. So, there's that. whatever. http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-stay-at-home-dadcast/id455835201
  20. ChaseRoper

    Help me with my podcast?

    I'm always down for being a guest. I never read the books but I played the text based game on my Mac when I was a teen. Good times.
  21. ChaseRoper

    Episode 31.5 — Minisode 31.5

    I predict that after 87 minutes of this movie, I will die.
  22. ChaseRoper

    Episode 146 — Climbing the Ladder

    Google is my favorite non-popcorn related search engine on the internet.
  23. My son has mono. The worst part about it is that now he can only talk into my left ear.
  24. ChaseRoper

    How do I get more Twitter followers?

    It wasn't until I really focused on keeping most of my tweets aimed at parenting, kids, marriage, etc. Basically, true to my comedic voice and not just trying to compete with hash tags or out snark other people that I noticed more followers coming my way in larger numbers. It really is a tricky balance. Really, why do you want huge followers? If it's to promote your stuff to more people, you'll end up losing those followers anyways. Take quality over quantity and the numbers will trickle in! I love the people I'm followed by/following in return. Shout out to all of them here in the forum (Julia, Caroline, Elizabeth, Jake!) It's good times.
  25. ChaseRoper

    Promoting your podcast

    Serious suggestion - purchase and read the book Crush It by Gary Baynerchuck. My second serious suggestion - don't pay for advertising. Involve yourself in web communities that have to do with the niche or micro-niche of your podcast. Interact with them like a regular human being and not just to promote the show. Include your podcast's site link in forum signatures, profiles, etc and people will find it. SOME promotion in those communities is fine of course but a little at a time you know?