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    Episode 52 — One Year Anniversary!

    Hearing both Sarah and Howard say, "they might be giants" gave me an immediate nerdgasm.
  2. ChaseRoper

    Episode 51 — Death of the Party

    Kyle brought restaurant themed jokes to a whole new level.
  3. ChaseRoper

    Episode 132 — Occupy Thanksgiving

    I like the live music element a lot. I haven't liked every live song though. But I'd like it to keep happening. As far as killing momentum, I think an argument could be made that it bodes even better for the show to have a performer play live rather than cut to an mp3. I'm probably ill equipped to make that argument.
  4. ChaseRoper

    Ideas for new Earwolf podcasts!

    So would this be like taking the game "Lame or Totally" and making it one long episode?
  5. ChaseRoper

    Favorite Characters?

    Ku Ku Riku! (sp?)
  6. ChaseRoper

    Episode 131 — Honorary Mayor of Hollywood

    @Julia Nailed it with that pic! I was trying to find something that embodied the leaky face-ness. You hit gold. @Everyone who didn't think the cutting remarks were funny, but loved the rest of the show. . . who ARE you people!? The rest of the show hit on suicide, child victimization, satanism, domestic violence/murder, etc. It was ALL funny. I laughed the loudest at Scott and Jason doing the cutting bits. Then it became one the best running gags of the episode.
  7. Here's a timely catchphrase related to Thanksgiving.
  8. ChaseRoper

    Episode 28 — Creativity

    One thing I gleamed from this episode is that I have god damned ugly hands.
  9. ChaseRoper

    Live from Bumbershoot 2011 Discussion

    Hey everybody! I found my lost interview tape from Bumbershoot. It's a completely rough and unedited reel of me chatting with Scott Aukerman and Paul F. Tompkins right before the last Comedy Bang Bang of the festival. The audio is also bad. Also, so is my interviewing skill. Enjoy. And go buy those shows!
  10. ChaseRoper


    GroundWater, I'm glad you are enjoying the content Earwolf has to offer as much I am. I haven't experienced the loudness or level-peaking issue that I think you are on this sound byte, but what (and I'm assuming most listeners) appreciate about this small clip, is the memory of the show it came from. I don't know the episode (I bet Intern Caroline does by heart) but the poorly executed Eastern European accent is actually Nick Kroll as El Chupacabra - the best Latin Radio DJ EVER. Here's a a clip from Comedy Bang Bang wherein a familiar Paul Scheer is the guest and Chupacabra take some calls.
  11. ChaseRoper

    Does it really have to be 40/kbps?

    (I'm not sure how to respond to this thread anymore so I'm just going to put the whole thing in parenthesis (I was goofing before too))
  12. ChaseRoper

    Anyone have a unique podcast concept?

    There's a Seattle comic, Jay Hollingswotrh, that does a monthly show called True Story. A comic comes out, does his set and then does an interview with Jay and they disect where the material came from in an HILARIOUS fashion. It isn't a podcast but I've suggested to him that he GET ON IT. I think it's a winner of an idea/
  13. ChaseRoper

    Meeting Up

    Are any of you in the South Puget Sound area in WA state? This is a trick question. Nobody is here.
  14. ChaseRoper

    Episode 25 — Existentialism

    Ergo possum malum David Hunsterberger CONCARNATIO sum. Loosley translated: I can pull off a bad David Huntsberger impersonation, therefore I am.
  15. ChaseRoper

    Help I'm turning into a comedy nerd

    I really loved the Comedians of Comedy Live at the Troubadour. Great comedy special you can find on Netflix Instant: Dana Gould: Let Me Put My Thoughts in You.
  16. ChaseRoper


    Here's a suggestion: Goat-ron costume One Optimus Prime costume without a mask One goat head mask
  17. ChaseRoper

    ThanksKilling (2009)

    Available on Netflix, "ThanksKilling!" I think the cover art says it all. Synopsis: A homicidal turkey axes off college kids during Thanksgiving break. Cover art attached. [attachment=9447,202]
  18. Set your ray guns to "Ultimate Nullifier!"
  19. ChaseRoper

    Does it really have to be 40/kbps?

    I used to consider myself an audiophile but after reading your post, Allen, I have to wonder if there is something wrong with my ears. I listen to quite a lot of podcasts and I've always considered Comedy Bang Bang of great audio quality. But what do I know, I just have ears. Now, not to be a dick myself Allen, but when commenting on an online forum for a podcast, explaining that CD is short for coampact disc and GB is short for gigabyte is super condescending and unnecessary.
  20. ChaseRoper

    CBB TV Pilot?

    Jeff, I've asked some of these questions to Scott directly last month at Bumbershoot. I can tell you that Scott loves how it turned out, that Paul F. Tompkins has seen it several times and enjoyed it as well and that we aren't finding out anything else until Aukerman decides otherwise. Like you, I really want to see it.
  21. ChaseRoper

    Episode 36 — Who Uses Yourcast?

    I feel there is an entire Search Engine Optimizing advantage to Yourcast that some people aren't aware of or haven't fully grasped. As soon as I have some more episodes in the can, I'll be joining Yourcast. I really wish I would have already joined up and responded to the query about participating on the recent Wolf Den. Yourcast is a win win even if your podcast isn't getting an immediate bump in traffic or downloads. Over time, the link coming in to your podcast's landing page will boost your site's authority and gradually raise your search engine ranking for your podcast. Assuming that you have established a clear topic (or micro niche) for your show.
  22. ChaseRoper

    SNL Blog

    I don't mean to spoil the party by playing devil's advocate, but isn't this what the actual SNL website basically is? How will plan on drawing traffic away from that site?
  23. ChaseRoper

    TLP Weekly Video Clips Up On Youtube

    Guys, I just did what Bucho predicted before I even read his post. It's working!
  24. ChaseRoper

    Episode 19 — Trick or Treat

    I am both ashamed and excited to say that I listened to "Trick or Treat" as my inaugural Apple Sisters episode. Ashamed because it took me so long to finally listen to one and excited because of how awesome it was! Great work ladies!
  25. ChaseRoper

    Episode — Earwolf Challenge Epilogue

    B Naylor - we all know you mean Elizabeth.