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  1. Before bed tonight, Dawsyn wanted to read to me from his new library book, "The Giving Tree." He did an excellent job and has now lead me to post about something I haven't shared about much online in a very long time. God.I can't even think about The Giving Tree, let alone read it, without thinking about my relationship with Him. I've shied away from showing everyone my belief in God and Jesus because 1. I'm tired of being lumped into the same group of Christians as the ones who so loudly...

  2. That scary girl from The Ring has nothing on Wednesday Addams.

  3. Me and the kiddos are watching the Addams Family for pizza movie night. Good flick!

  4. Hmmmm. When you contact management of a recording artist to request an interview, do you refer to the artist by their stage name or actual name? Which is the accepted industry method!? I've only ever requested interviews with regular names not "Mackelmore-ish" names.

  5. I think I have a killer idea for an app. Need a programmer.

  6. Had a great day. Seahawks game with my wifey and got to spend time with my cousins Greg Lenti and Char Lenti! You two are the cat's meows.

  7. Just finished a mind map for my book. Starting the tedious task of outlining this beast tomorrow. An hour day until I have a finished piece. #BreakingSahd

  8. the wife of my son's football coach just used the word "acceptations" in one her daily ranting emails. It also mentions that kids need to be ready and geared up before practice because their time is important. This coming from the wife of a coach who shows up to less than half of the practices. Yesterday we received a last minute (and mostly ALL CAPS as usual) email about arriving 30 minutes early for practice to get fitted for new jerseys. Most of us were there at 5pm. Coach's wife strolled...

  9. I can now officially say that the Earwolf network has graciously decided to pass on bringing my podcast into their family of shows. Mr. Aukerman is nothing if not a gentlemen and I totally understand the decision. I'm a little bummed because it was the first time I tried pitching something I've created. There are a couple other networks I'm planning on reaching out to and this month, I'll be planning out my push for monthly local live shows. Still a lot I want to do on the horizon - quick pit...

  10. Hanging out at the Kids museum with the kids for a bit. Little later than our usual Saturday but we made it!

  11. Seriously, guys. Why can't everything just be free? No more money! Let's all burn our money! YOU FIRST

  12. Next time I think about posting my opinion on Facebook, I'm going to stop and go treat myself to an ice cream sandwich.

  13. I'm reading this story about Mcdonald's workers in Detroit demanding a raise from the $7.40 minimum wage to $15. I have ZERO sympathy for them. Somebody is quoted as saying that they don't feel good about getting paid $7.40 per hour when the company "made like $500 billion last year." First of all, Mcdonald's did not "make" $500 billion last year. Their total revenue was (in the millions) $27,006. I don't think flipping burgers was ever intended to be adequate income alone to support a family...

  14. It's Sabrena's day off today! I get to spend the day with the HOTTEST wife ever. Sorry, everybody else with less hot wives.

  15. Last pics of the day!

  16. More sand castles! BBQ and pizza! And rock climbing!

  17. New new outdoor exhibit at Hands On by Peter Dougherty - world renown (?) stick artist!

  18. Enjoying Sand in the City!

  19. Sabrena works incredibly long hour days with one day off each week. Three days a week, she has the opportunity to sleep past 6:30 and my kids will never be quiet on those mornings and it is infuriating me.

  20. Dawsyn's football team has 5 coaches. Each with a kid and nephew or family friend on the team. Those kids never get subbed out and also don't understand football and/or are troublemakers during practice. This could be why we lost right now 28 - 0. Coaches on this team need to understand leadership more than football plays right now.

  21. Heading to Hands On Children's Museum at 9. MEMBERS ONLY. Yep, living the VIP life.

  22. Fun Fact: Who Framed Roger Rabbit taught me that a gorgeous woman would marry me someday if i could make her laugh. #itHAPPENED

  23. My house smells pho'-king amazing. Because I'm making pho'. LIKE A BOSS.

  24. Grabbing a bite and a drink with my favorite person!