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    Episode 501 - Manchester Orchestra's Kith and Kin

    Check out Scott's early appearances on Never Not Funny, he goes into this and a whole lot more about his early life! And they're all hilarious, of course.
  2. Early CDR Radio contenders: •Tear basin •"How much money do you make?" •"Black Friday!" (ad infinitum) •5, 4, 3, Nose, 1!
  3. CrustyDustReceptacle

    Episode 1811 - Paul Reiser

    I don't follow Adam Baldwin's beliefs too closely, but a quick Google suggests that he is known to tweet sexist (coined #GamerGate, for example) and homophobic stuff. He also picked a fight with Don Cheadle over the #OscarsSoWhite situation. Not saying the latter definitively proves he's a racist, but...Garon might have been onto something this time. He definitely didn't do a good job of backing up the "racist" comment on the episode, but I think that's more of a mushmouth thing than an example of endemic liberal hate speech. EDIT: Also reading plenty of reports that Baldwin's an "extremely nice" guy in person though, so what the hell do I know? Just thought it was worth mentioning.
  4. This thread? It's good.
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    EPISODE 12 - Should You Let Kids Win At Chess?

    I think I would have been pissed off as a kid if my dad had ever started to let me win chess games. Games are only fun when everyone is giving their all, otherwise what are we even doing? I have a younger cousin who (as a child) was accustomed to adults letting him win everything, and he would always get so upset when I played with him and actually tried to win. A person has to learn how to lose, if only just to know where they stand. That said, kids also need patience from their "betters" if they are ever going to get anything constructive from the losing experience. Good moves should be called out as often as bad ones, and after each game offer to walk them through their strategy and show opportunities for improvement.
  6. What a tease of an episode! I didn't even notice the runtime before hitting play, and then the fun abruptly ended. Don't toy with our emotions like this, Lapkus! We need our fix!
  7. Stitch THAT on a pillow! Seriously, someone do that and then sell it to me.
  8. I hereby nominate Brian Huskey as the U.S. Yeller Laureate. Dude has made screaming at people into a hilarious art form.
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    EPISODE 360 — Snow Dome

    I get it, NNF has a different rhythm from most podcasts for sure. Ep recommendations are kind of irrelevant now that the show is free, but pretty much all Scott's appearances over the years serve as great Pardo introductions since Jimmy's always at the top of his game when Scott's around. A personal fave is Episode 626, where WUHD was born.
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    Episode 1618 - Dave Holmes

    Still listening, but "BYE BYE" has to be in the season 17 intro, right? Or maybe it should become part of the outro, to avoid sending mixed signals....
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    R.I.P. Harris Wittels

    There is so much to admire about Harris, he was one one of the most effortlessly funny people I've ever seen and he had so much success so early in life. It's hard to express feelings of sadness and loss for someone I never met, but I consider myself very lucky to have gotten to know him and his unique sensibility through CBB, Analyze Phish, and the many other shows he appeared (and absolutely destroyed) on throughout the years. We lost a great one, folks.
  12. CrustyDustReceptacle

    Episode 1602 - Andy Daly

    Oh man, the 7/11 stuff is maybe the hardest I've ever laughed at this show, which is really saying something. The fact that the staff seemed so nonplussed by it was the kicker; gas station cashiers must develop a crazy high tolerance for odd behavior. Great stuff guys, Season 16 is really starting off with a bang!
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    Is there a best introductory episode to CBB?

    I've actually put too much quite a bit of thought into this question, as recommending this show to friends always feels a bit dicey since there's probably over 400 hours of material to get through at this point. To this end, I compiled a list of all the episodes that I considered creative peaks for CBB and yet could still be enjoyed without previous knowledge of characters and mythology...and still ended up with a list that was 60 episodes long. Since giving a friend (and podcast newbie) 60+ hours of stuff to listen to seemed rather like giving homework, I painfully cut the list down to the 10 episodes that I feel best give a sense of CBB's changing tone over the years and serve as a primer on almost all of its major players and characters. Long story long, here's what I came up with: 14- An Old Fashioned Dinner (Scott has talked about how the CBB format was basically born in this episode, and it's still one of the show's best guest lineups ever) 34- Have a Merry Christmas... (All-star guests and characters, the immortal Acting Off) 85- That's One Way of Doing It (Yes, another Christmas episode, but it's kind of a watershed episode for everything and everyone that made the CDR days as great as the were) 120- Farts and Procreation (One of the flat-out funniest podcast episodes ever in my book, though I wouldn't recommend having a friend start with this one as it's rather inscrutable to newcomers) 150- Time Bobby (I don't need to explain this one, right?) 176- New No-Nos (Maybe the best Wompler episode ever; also, the titular No-Nos, which is just pure CBB at its best in my opinion) 183- Return to Suicide House (Insane fun from beginning to end, especially the 20-person Freestyle Rap that closes it out) 218- The 4th Anniversary Extravaganza! (Another all-star episode, with the Aukerman-Wompler-Wain-Reardon-The Janitor love pentagon to tie it all together) 222- A Peanut in the Rain (Had to include a Gilly-Garry Marshall ep, as it's probably the best and most consistent long-running story CBB has ever done; it also doesn't hurt that this one is actually watchable on Youtube) 260- Tiny Sandwich Story (Showcases what a huge contribution Brendon Small and Jon Gabrus have provided the show since joining the recurring roster in late 2013) These aren't necessarily my all-time favorite episodes (though they're all up there), but I think anyone who listened to these would be suitably prepared for the week-to-week insanity that is Comedy Bang! Bang!
  14. Voting has started for the CBB Best of 2014, and I'm always interested to see what people's favorite episodes are from throughout the year. Feel free to post entire Top 10s or just put in a good word for an episode that may be unjustly forgotten. Vote here: http://earwolf.polldaddy.com/s/best-of-cbb-2014
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    Episode 15 — Four Douche Episode

    EDIT: false alarm, carry on
  16. CrustyDustReceptacle

    Episode 2 — The Betsy Podcast

    Every podcaster seems to have their own touchstone reference: Uatu the Watcher, Slimer, and now Greek god head births. At the very least, it's less graphic than Lapkus' trademark scene premise on improv4humans (though no less funny for it).
  17. CrustyDustReceptacle

    Episode 2 — The Betsy Podcast

    This is one of the most inspiring podcasts out there; I had so many ideas during it. SO MANY.
  18. CrustyDustReceptacle

    2014 Comedy Bang Bang Live Show Bundle

    Really loving all of these episodes, though trying to stream them on Stagebloc has been extremely frustrating at times due to constant restarting/refreshing. The Festival Supreme show in particular was fantastic, as Zach, (Adam) Scott, and Traci were all so game for things to get really crazy; shame it's so short. Still, I would pay beaucoup dollars for video footage of the Would You Rather? on that one.
  19. CrustyDustReceptacle

    Best of 2014: Stump for favorite episodes here!

    I pressed this issue with Heidecker during a Twitter Q&A; the answer was unfortunate, but perhaps still hopeful?
  20. CrustyDustReceptacle

    Best of 2014: Stump for favorite episodes here!

    Yes, the Closing Sentiment Off was so great. The interview with Traci at the beginning of that episode (particularly the logistics of her butt-crack piercing) is also one of the funniest things I heard all year.
  21. CrustyDustReceptacle

    Best of 2014: Stump for favorite episodes here!

    Here's my ten: 260- Tiny Cheeseburger Story (Gino, Victor and Tiny!) 263- Hollywild (Coco Marx and Benny Schwazz!) 266- The Calvins Twins 272- Sex Party Season (Len Weisman, Gilly!) 283- The 5th Anniversary Show! 289-The Exorcism of Cake Boss 300- Oh Golly! You Devil 306- Project Funway (last-second choice, but I love every DSoWD episode) 309- Tony Macaroni (aka Comday Bing Bing) 312- Grounded Me@ No Besser (EDIT: except Matilda Besserina in 283), barely any Wompler, but still a pretty representative sample I would say.
  22. CrustyDustReceptacle

    Episode 314 — Y’all Heard Any of These Names Before?

    I can relate; this one day I was at Wendy's, and I'm pulling up to the drive-thru when all of a sudden chemicals Walter White.
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    Episode 314 — Y’all Heard Any of These Names Before?

    TL;DR alert, but I actually found the discussion on this thread interesting and wanted to throw in my four cents. I'm not going to tread into the gender politics inherent in this discussion; I think it's possible that, in the very specific online alt-comedy community, Esposito is just a bit overexposed at the moment. I don't know how many Earwolfers read the AV Club, but she's been ALL OVER that site lately to the point where I sort of rolled my eyes when yet another interview with her was posted today. Personally, I think she played along admirably with PFT and Scott during the character segment but the solo interview seemed to suggest that she's still honing her own comedic voice (which obviously takes a long time for most comics), which may partly explain why her appearances so often default to discussion of her sexuality. I don't think there's anything wrong with gay (or straight) comics drawing from their own life experiences in this area, but I don't really find the differences between gay and straight people to be all that interesting or entertaining in and of themselves so these segments always leave me a bit bored. There's just no accounting for comedic preference, I guess. EDIT: Just had the thought that she could probably do solid character work on here if she ever gets the chance; she's obviously quick enough to pull it off.
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    Episode 155 — Wild Horses Return

    Eps with whole teams seem to be uniformly fantastic (the first Wild Horses is one of my all-time favorites). I'd love to hear a Hot Sauce or Last Day of School episode one of these days!