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  1. Mr.Pete

    EPISODE 336 — NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    Thank you Scott, Earwolf, Chelsea, Adam, and Harris.
  2. Mr.Pete

    We will miss you Harris

    My jaw dropped at the headlines and I could only make it through 10 mins of the WTF replay interview Podcasting really is a very intimate medium, and losing Harris feels almost like losing a good friend. We'll miss you. I hope you are still writing jokes for the big Foam Corner in the sky.
  3. A Good Plugs Song (by me, Mr.Pete): https://soundcloud.c...good-plugs-song
  4. Mr.Pete

    Episode 258 — Yoke Jams

    Fuck yes, Bill Callahan! One of my favorite song-writers of all time. Probably not the best format for him, and pairing him with Pardo is even worse, but at least you guys figured out how to make the most of it comedically (would still love to hear him on WTF or a one-on-one show where he could open up more though).
  5. Mr.Pete

    summer songs

    Now that it's official, let's have some appropriate tunage. Watcha got? For starters: [media=''] [/media]
  6. Mr.Pete

    kulaps intro's

    I dig the new boxing/wrestling style intros. In fact, I was just thinking of starting a thread to recommend more songs for the intros. I'm sure Howie & Kulap have plenty already, but now whenever I'm listening to music, I'll hear a building intro and think "That would be great for Who Charted." A couple that have come to mind lately:
  7. Mr.Pete

    Episode 46 — Margaret and Al

    Amazing Episode. I think Eddie is the perfect guest for Who Charted. Not only is he game for Howard's bizarro role-play scenarios (some guests can't quite get into it), but he jumps in before Howard even finishes the set-up and takes it even further than Howard deep into bizarro-land while Kulap loses her shit . Also if indie is derivative, then can we agree that mainstream is extra super duper derivative?
  8. Mr.Pete

    What should Who Carted fans call themselves?

    ha! nice. silent but friendly.?.
  9. Mr.Pete

    Howie Cramer

    Sloppy Timmy!
  10. Mr.Pete

    What should Who Carted fans call themselves?

    Nice one Or that could also be the Kremer & Kulap Klan.
  11. Mr.Pete

    What should Who Carted fans call themselves?

    The Chartel The Tea Charty Charticipants The loyal subjects of Chartopia Children of the Chart Corn
  12. The first one that comes to mind is Hermes, the chart goose. I'm not sure how to differentiate it from a regular non-chart goose though.. . Anyone have more suggestions? If anyone actually gets a costume finished, show us your pics!!!
  13. I propose a sub-segment of Chart Chatter where users can post questions to Howard/Kulap and/or guests. Either here in this thread, or a more official thread with rules from the Earwolf overlords. . Howie/Kulap can pick the best ones to answer within the chatter segment. e.g.: Howard, when's the last time you wore a neck tie? Kulap, if you had a spirit animal, what would it be? Howard, do you have gum for the other seasons? If not, how do you cope with your lack of chewing gum after summah? etc.
  14. Mr.Pete

    Episode 43 — Songs In The Key of SoBe

    To everyone saying we need to keep Chart Chatter: I agree, but it only works if people are "chattering" on the forum (beyond just "that ep was great" or "that guest sucked"). So everyone go start a new thread topic. Then go post in the topics that the other people started. Some ideas: "Summah is over!" "My own chart for the week" "What should Who Carted fans call themselves?" "How many charts does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?"