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  1. zombie

    Episode 65 — The Cavern Explosion

    Oh man, that was brutal. Fucking Sark. A triumphant last stand for Sir Richard though.
  2. Anyone know if an iTunes 'season pass' will be made available to Canadians? I don't have cable and I too would like to support CBB.
  3. zombie

    Bonnaroo 2012

    I see.... I guess I should've checked the website. Thanks!
  4. zombie

    Bonnaroo 2012

    Nobody ever answers me...
  5. zombie

    Bonnaroo 2012

    Will any Earwolf people be attending Bonnaroo this year? It will be my first time there, I'd love to see some funniness.
  6. zombie

    Fuck yeah!

    Goddamn it I fucking love this show. It's so damn funny. Love you Howard and Kulap!