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  1. As long as Garfield's voiced by the late Lorenzo Music, I'd watch SNL again...
  2. DubipR

    Episode 232 — Mexicans for Morrissey

    One of my favorite episodes of the year from Los Bros Sklars. Everytime I hear these ad all Sklar CountyCountry, it feels like Morning Become Eclectic. Always good to get a good music fix. Perhaps can you guys put a post on this site? Have a wonderful 2015.
  3. DubipR

    Episode BO2014.3 — Best of 2014 Pt 3

    Two more of my selections made the Top 10....Woo! I'm here at work, laughing in hysterics. I totally forgot about the Hollywood Facts bit in the Sandberg episode. And the Technicality No Down Boo Over origin is pure genius.... I believe it was used in the Exorcism of Cake Boss ep.
  4. DubipR

    Episode BO2014.1 — Best of 2014 Pt 1

    An excellent first day.... So far two of my 10 selections have been selected (266 & 301). And I'm still laughing at everything... BoogerShitMashUp.... clap clap clapclap.....
  5. DubipR

    Best of 2014: Stump for favorite episodes here!

    My Top 10: 1. Ep 262- 2013 Holiday Spectacular 2. Ep 265- LIVE from RIOT LA (Wittels, PFT and Lapkus) 3. Ep 274- Oh, Golly! (Hands down the best episode IMO) 4. Ep 276- Live from SWSX 2014 (Braungher, Besser & Gabrus- I love me some Gino!) 5. Ep 283- 5th Anniversary Show (Whompler, Listle, Zouks, Bachelor Brothers, Mike the Janitor and Rearden return!) 6. Ep 285- Solo Bolo (Benny Schwas!) 7. Ep 289- The Exorcism of Cake Boss (PFT and Gourley... fantastic!) 8. Ep 300- Oh, Golly! You Devil! (the best "lost" episode...how can you not love Andy Daly?) 9. Ep 301- They're Twins, Jonah! (Tiny and Victor... nuff said!) 10. Ept 304-- Marissa Wompler's Six Flags Birthday Womptacular (need we say more?)
  6. A Pre-Thanksgiving treat! A Lapkast! Woo! I freaking love Laure Lapkus and this podcast was nothing short of brilliant! Having PFT as the initial host to interview Tracey Rearden is the perfect start to what I hope to be a super long running podcast. To summarize this podcast SPLOOSH!
  7. Matt, I loved your passion about getting the word out on Cory's music. This was the first time I heard of him and was greatly enamored with his music. Thank you, good sir!
  8. DubipR

    Episode 94 — Let Him Use His Illusion!

    I love having the rotating Guest for Gerry... makes it so much fun!
  9. DubipR

    Episode 197 — No Bueno From Tip To Taint

    Great episode. Thomas Middleditch was an amazing guest on Whooch. He got it and got on board quickly. Like Pepper R, I too loved to out of leftfield Caray voice from Thomas. Only thing missing from that episode... CHART TRANSPLANT! That music chart was dire need to new tunes to be heard....
  10. DubipR

    Episode 196.5 — 9/05/14 TWO CHARTED 135

    Did we just get Juicy Gossy from Kulap? A Lauren Lapkus podcast? Dear sweet god, upload that mofo now to the site!
  11. This was a murderer's row of kick ass talent on I4H. Benny Schwas...my god, so flawless in the scene of sending stuff back. And Mookie..I nearly spat out my coffee when he was laughing like Mickey Mouse, which complimented Gil's 'sweet spot' and 'tasty bits' part of the scene. As for Matt's rant on Jim Parsons, I can understand where he's coming from. I have the same deal with Modern Family. While it's a good show, no fucking way that show should've won 4 years in a row for Outstanding Comedy Series. It's funny, but shows like Louie, Parks & Rec, Veep, Arrested Development had much funnier content during all of this. I know the cast is playing doing the same rigmarole, but its the same drivel show in and show out....
  12. DubipR

    Episode 305 — CattleLickItUp

    Wie Wie! KuKu! Gino! Definitely one of best of the year... I haven't laughed this hard in a while, probably not since the Wompler Birthday party of last week!
  13. DubipR

    Hang in there.

    Jake, Don't worry about it.. The wait will make the return episode that much sweeter....
  14. DubipR

    Episode 300 — Oh, Golly! You Devil

    F**KING EPIC! Truly a brilliant episode. I was laughing so freaking hard that I had to a put an ice pack on my ribs here at work. I think I actually bruised my ribs. What a great episode; Zouks, Andy Daly (who should an Earwolfy Award for Podcast Excellence) and Scott gave me the best 2 hours to listen to on a Monday. -R
  15. An amazing episode! Harris was on fucking FIRE!
  16. DubipR

    Episode 184 — Theatrical Viagra

    Geddy Lee Roger Glover Carol Kaye (need some lady energy on these bass lists) Charles Mingus Phil Lynott Stanley Clarke Jack Bruce PJP Victor Wooten Jaco Pastorius
  17. DubipR

    Episode 184 — Theatrical Viagra

    "It's like Salvador Dali for your nuts" I'm making shirt....
  18. Greatest sushi joke ever! My sides were hurting from that scene....
  19. DubipR

    Episode 183 — Student Athlete

    I'm happy the gang's back! It's like having a couple of old friends over for coffee.
  20. DubipR

    Episode 182 — Gandalf Vs. Snape

    Oh my hell! That was seriously one of the funniest Whooch's ever. I was laughing as hard as Kulap was to this episode. I'd love to have Armen back anytime to fill in. Thank you Matt for making the last Armen episode ever so brilliant.
  21. OH MY HELL! This might've been the great I4H in the history of the show...Hell, in the entirity of the podcast universe! This was a dream line up to beat all dream line ups. I don't think I ever laughed that hard in my life.....
  22. Great episode. Love having Megan Neuringer on the Files....she's amazeballs. BTW, no video on the YouTube channel at the mo' -R
  23. DubipR

    Your characters!

    When I used to play, I always went towards rogues, bards, thieves and any character that would work best in shadows. One of my all time favorites was Kotir Bloodbranch, Moon Elf Druid/Thief. She was freaking badass.