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    Episode 195.5 — Sklarbro County 100

    I was just there last week and read about that. Seems redundant despite it going through another refinery for processing. I know the Oregon Water Board got some major shit for it and deservedly so.
  2. DubipR

    Submit clips here!

    Since we're posting Tiny Tim... My favorite Christmas song.
  3. Love it when you have counter-counter culture people on, Jake. These gentlemen reminds me of the late Mike Vraney, founder of Somethng Weird Video. Two guys perserving a piece of sub-cinema culture that should be perserved. I'm a fan of sleazy sexplotation films and Grade Z films as well. Not knowing of their companies, it's definitely piqued my interests in checking out their sites. Now I have to watch Runaway Nightmare and Black Devil Doll from Hell now.
  4. DubipR

    Episode 130 — 4/20 Special

    So freaking jealous, 'Stard. I've listened to it 3 times already and I lose my shit every time. John Gemberling is in the Pantheon of I4H players. He kills me every time. And Jon Garbus... fucking love this guy! Every time he spoke I couldn't get Gino Lombardo out of my head. Seriously, this might be in the Top 5 Earwolf podcasts of the Year (along with Andy Daly Podcast Projects and the Oh Golly ep of CBB). Besser should be given an award for putting this together.
  5. DubipR

    Submit clips here!

    This thread needs some Richard Pryor goodness...
  6. Hey Party People, I got an email from Bandcamp as a reminder of Howard's Who Charted Themes in ready and available! http://howardkremer.bandcamp.com/ Go get it now! -R
  7. This is a total WTF is going on here???!??!!?!?!?!?!? Poodle Exercises gone wrong.
  8. DubipR

    Episode 175 — TUTSTEP

    Keep The Jason Derulo song on the charts as long as you want! We do need the Kremer Klesmer in our lives.
  9. I'm sure you could dig up Gail Matthius or Denny Dillon. I think Denny's in New York. If you can get Gilbert Gottfried on, that would be the best.
  10. DubipR

    Episode 70 — The Kitchen Caper

    Is Stargoyle one of those taxidermided animals the gang put in the robe during the ransack? Brrr....I hope not! I did like Brian and the gang enjoying Gor's gassy attack before his demise. "You're in the eye of the far"...fucking Blaine's a genius.
  11. DubipR

    Episode 175 — TUTSTEP

    That's for Twooch. Personally, I would like Howard and Kulap bring back the Chart Transplant and bring in a new song. Long time Whooch listeners know what I'm talking about... Agreed. I love Matt on the podcast. Ding Donger is a great podcast as well...highly recommended.
  12. DubipR

    Episode 173.5 — 3/28/14 TWO CHARTED 112

    I walked past the Earwolf Studios 2 every day during my work lunch break when I take my midday constitutional. Shame to know that I'll miss knowing that the Whooch crew were so nearby. A great episode to boot! Loved hearing the cold opening and Doobie Brothers' "takin' it to the street" deal. Looking forward to Studio 3 Whooch & Twooch!
  13. Pure dynamite in 1 hour, 40 minutes and 40 seconds. God, I wish I was there to see this live. Andy Daly has given the Earwolfers 8 weeks of pure bliss. I've listened this podcast twice already and I get a smile every time I hear it. Pehraps the greatest sponsored Limmick-Off ever known to man. I loved hearing the crowd chanting the products...nearly killed me. I'm praying to Don Dimello (hail Don Dimello!) that there's a Season 2 of the ADPPP will come to fruition. Thursdays are brillant. Andy Daly goodness a plenty!
  14. You just have to listen to more Improv4Humans now on Thursdays... I swear, Thursdays on Earwolf are like my Thursdays on TV...just packed from 7pm to midnight
  15. A most excellent interview. I too was a huge Rhino Records guy in the 90s. Their compliations are some of the best music purchases I've ever bought. Having Harold Bronson is making me dig out my CDs and put them on....and I need to buy that book as well. The interviews get better and better, Jake!
  16. DubipR

    Episode 173 — Doughnut Agree

    A Mike Lawrence Twofer this week! Whooch and @Mignight last night! Mike is so damn funny. And a return of the ever amazing April Richardson! *swoons* Go Bayside! is slowly becoming one of my favorite podcasts to listen to!
  17. I've been waiting for this one all week! All of the ADPPP podcasts are worth the wait Hearing Hotdog wax poetic about Sha-Na-Na and the Sha-Na-Na house and the goings-on there nearly killed me here at work yesterday. And my god...Sean Conroy; the man's fucking gold! Brilliant... And to add the Bammer on there, it was the perfect group. I don't know Julie Brister's work but she was fantastic... Favorite Earwolf podcast of the week!
  18. When I was a kid, I was amazed that Sledge Hammer! recevied a second season. I mean the ending of the first was incredible and impossible to continue from; he blew up the fucking city! And yet they did it. Great episode. Thanks for having Alan Spencer on. I've met him a few times....total ace guy.
  19. Great episode. This is why I enjoy The Foglenest Files; I knew fuck all about Negativland and that whole sub-genre. Now it'll lead me down a wormhole of exploration of cool shit for me to enjoy....Thanks Jake. Question for you, Jake: Ever thought about getting the Rev. Ivan Stang on the podcast? I'm sure as something as odd as the Church of the Sub-Genius, he'd be an interesting cat to talk with. Again...amazing episode.
  20. DubipR

    Episode 172 — Savor This Kulap While You Can

    Thanks for having Mary Elizabeth Ellis on the show. I love her as the Waitress on It's Always Sunny. Her style of sarcastic humor was a great mix with Howard and Kulap. While I usually do a Top 5 Kremerisms of the show, I'm changing it up for a Kulap Chart (Insert Ku's Kulap Chart theme....it's about to start!) TOP 5 THINGS I'LL MISS ABOUT KULAP WHILE SHE'S MAKING DOCUMENTARY HISTORY: 5. Kulap's Decolletage- If Howard's brother Lee taught us one thing, Ku's decolletage is a part of the show. Hell, even Ku pronounces them in the episodes. I'm sure Howard's a bit sad to see them go. 4. Kulap's Smile- The pictures on each episode make the show that much better. Kulap's smile can light up the darkest night. Its great to see while I'm at work. 3. Kulap's Nerdiness- I love hear Kulap nerding out on pop culture; her love for certain songs, films, comics, and just nerds themselves. 2. Kulap's Moral Compass- She just keeps Howard in line and keeps the show moving. While he may ramble every now and then (and it's brilliant) she brings the show back on course. and the number one reason I'll miss Kulap while she's away (NUMBA ONE!)" 1. Kulap's Laughter- Probably the best thing about Whooch and Twooch. The laughter is so damn infectious, I smile and chuckle for the duration of the podcast. Good luck Kulap on your journey! -R
  21. DubipR

    Episode 67 — Rat Trap

    It's a Trap!
  22. DubipR

    Episode 276 — LIVE from SXSW 2014 II

    Amazing SXSW episode! Any time Gino Lombardo pops in its bound to be a brilliant piece of comedy! I was laughing all day!
  23. DubipR

    Episode 124 — Half-a-SWARM

    I'm glad that my posting of Spike Lee's rant made from dialogue somehow to make some comedy. Disjointed in his ramblings were, it made for interesting talk. Thanks for giving the clip a shot, Matt & crew... -R
  24. DubipR

    Episode 66 — A New Awakening

    Why did I get the feeling that Sark was watching The Witches recently? The gang becoming rats was a wonderful twist.... Cheeeeeeeeeeeesssssssse!