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  1. DubipR

    Die Another Day (2002)

    If you going to go with a shit Bond film, go with this one..
  2. I'd have to go with Fortress (1993)
  3. I love Paul Rust on I4H. He just takes his impressions and goes balls out on them, regardless how silly and insane they may be. And his laugh is so infectious. Add those with Joe Wengert.... I4H comedy gold! Matt, if you're reading this... I really do love that you bring up all these little confrontations on Twitter. The personal touch to each of the sketches makes each episode a little more special and fuck ton funnier than just videoes and suggestions all the time. Your Charlie Daniels skirmish was nothing short of brilliant...now if you got Charlie Daniels on the horn, I would've shat my pants. -R
  4. DubipR

    Dan Van Kirk kills it on Doug Loves Movies

    My only regret was not waiting out in line for that episode.... it's so close to work.
  5. DubipR

    Episode 61 — The Scream in the Cave

    But most Paladins live by a strict code. Usually the tenets of the Paladin code are rather strict, depending on their diety and their faith in it. Considering Bahumut is a dragon diety, according to some guides, Bahamut is stern and dissapproving of evil and accepts no excuses for foul deeds. Yeah, Bahamut lets his worshippers fight their own battles, but still...stern and disapproving Then again, I'm not Sark; so its up to the DM....
  6. Oh, I'd empty out my savings for that podcast. Make it a travelogue podcast where Dalton and Gary hunt down monsters all over the world. The sound effect app alone would probably cost them like 10 bucks! Something I made slapdash at work...
  7. Jesus F**k! That was amazing! I haven't laughed this hard at a podcast since....well, when Andy was on Who Charted earlier this week. From the begining to the end (which made me sad because it was over), Dalton Wilcox's podcast was nothing short of brilliant. Betsy Sodaro's poem was nothing short of brilliant.... my god. This exceeded my expectations (which was high); best 2 hours spent listening at work....
  8. DubipR

    Dan Van Kirk kills it on Doug Loves Movies

    Damn right, DVK brought it to crush, just like Wahlberg would! listened to it twice.
  9. I haven't listened to the podcast yet but looking at the guests Dalton has, this gif best says how I feel about the episode:
  10. DubipR

    Episode 61 — The Scream in the Cave

    With all this drinking, I'm really surprised that Sir Richard's aligment hasn't shifted at least to a Lawful-Neutral or Neutral. I'm sure Bahamut isn't pleased that his avatar is besmirching his name. Killer episode, Poker Players! -R
  11. DubipR

    Episode 166 — Runnin’ Down Dreams

    While this Whooch was under an hour, man was it packed with Amazeballs Goodness! My Top 5 things from today's episode: 5. "Kulap, you're nailing the shit out of these Charts"- Howard just hits me with a laughter gut punch about Kulap's assessments of the music charts understanding of the Adult Comtemporary Chart. 4. "This songs smells like an elliptical machine"- Andy's review of the Maroon 5 track. 3. Howard's Sight Unseen review of Lone Survivor- "It should have been Stormtroopers instead of real people" Fucking hell Howard...killed me 2. Howard's review of Frozen and watching habits of animation- "If you have to mix illegal and kids, that's the way to do it." and the Number One (NUMBA ONE!) item on today's Who Charted: 1. TV's Andy Daly! I have such love for Andy Daly! He's in the Pantheon of the best guests on Earwolf. From his imitations to his candor where he just goes off and has fun, it slays me every time. BONUS Chart item.... "WHO'S THE OFFICIAL OLYMPICS YOGURT?" Thanks for the smiles and laughs... -R
  12. DubipR

    Episode 165.5 — 1/31/14 TWO CHARTED 104

    Another Twooch in the books and Howard was in fine form...as always. My Top 5 Kremerism on Twooch: 5. Comparing Queen Latifah's ordainness as a minister to a public notary. "She's just there to bear wtiness and sign off" 4. Howard's Beyonce impersonation...Christ, I lost it. Like Kulap I was laughing ass off. 3. Pink as Big Baby in Toy Story 3. I wish this episode was on VPN just see everything. It was so freaking funny. 2. Howard/DBS' craziness about him messig up should be signing "I Heal With My Steel" at the Grammys. Howard going off about the acts was great but I liked this bit. Coming in at Number One (NUMBHA ONE!) 1. Improv Dolphin- Yeah, it's rather odd seeing that stupid mural. And his analysis was dead on. Thanks for the laughs. -R
  13. DubipR

    Episode 118 — Ukraine Obese

    A double dose of Mookie this week! Sugar on top of sugar goodness! This was a brilliant episode. The Placenta sketch was great....was I the only person that thought of the scene in Wonderlust?
  14. DubipR

    Episode 60 — The Man Rats

    No, thats what I thought a well. Play enough Warhammer and Blood Bowl, Scavens will pop up.
  15. DubipR

    Episode 60 — The Man Rats

    Holy hell! Now THAT'S a cliffhanger! A botch...Christ! Was I the only one that laughed at Blaine's Wang Computer reference? I remember those stores quite well. And the opening song...brilliant. I'm hoping one of the great artists we have on the boards does a pic of Damian lighting up the tunnel..that was definitely metal. Awesome episode... -R
  16. DubipR

    Episode 165 — Doug Digs It!

    Yay for Doug Benson. I near hurt my side from Howard's Adam & Eve commerical reading... 'a Free Romans Kit'....christ. Classic Kremer. Also Howard's look in the pictures...from the House of Marty McFly Collection. Very spiffy. And we need to get Kulap on Getting Doug! Make that happen!
  17. DubipR

    Your favorite non earwolf podcasts?

    I'm a comic nerd, so I listen to Kevin's Fatman on Batman. Kevin sits down with all people that make Batman; be it writers, animators, artists, voice actors. It's a fun show. Another show I'm enjoying is Go Bayside! April Richardson brings fun to Saved By the Bell with a special guest as they dissect an episode per show.
  18. Hee Hee= Yipppee! I love having Michael Blaiklock on CBB. Having Neil Campbell and Jerrod as well... comedy trifecta.
  19. DubipR

    Episode 183.5 — Sklarbro County 88

    Awesome County! I'm glad Sean Conroy finally got into the County and made some mirth! Excellent!
  20. DubipR

    Episode 164.5 — 1/24/14 TWO CHARTED 103

    Haven't heard the podcast yet, but saw the photos and had to wonder..... Howard Kremer and Michael Fitzpatrick (from Fitz & the Tantrums): Separated at Birth? I'll post my comments after I listen to the cast... -R
  21. DubipR

    Episode 265 — LIVE from RIOT LA

    a Wompler/Reardon/Gino Cage Match!
  22. DubipR

    Streets of Fire (1984)

    This is a great little Walter Hill film. This holds on its own....
  23. This looks like something that should've been on SyFy Channel. To quote the Zouks... "GARBAGE"