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  1. Has anyone ever checked out or remember the criminally under appreciated MTV series Austin Stories.. It was a series Howard co created for Mtv in 1997. It was kinda of like Spaced or Peep Show. it was about a group of 20 somethings living in Austin. It only ran one season, I think in part of the shitty marketing. I remember seeing commercials for it when I was like 12 and i had no clue what the show was, I think the commercials were just an armadillo crossing railroad tracks and they didn't convey at all what the show was about. I made the mistake of looking up the show on Youtube recently and became addicted. Problem is I have to find a way to track down the 5 or so episodes that aren't on youtube. Check it out its really funny, even back Them Howard had a similar type of humor and it's great bit of 90's nostalgia.
  2. WhatsupTofudog

    Q&A w/ Paul Scheer Thread

    First of all let me congratulate you on Ntsf: SDSU: SUV, its fucking hilarious and also let me congratulate you on the even more impressive feat of bagging June Diane Rapahel. 1. Is there any movies that you considered doing but you were just too close to. Like you were friends with somebody in the movie and didn't want to offend them. Or maybe a movie was released by a company you were doing business with or wanted to do business with. 2. Have you ever ran into anybody you made fun of in the podcast in real life. 3.Have you considered doing a movie and having a guest who was in that movie. For example discussing Operation Endgame with a Mr. Adam Scott. ( I really want to hear Operation Endgame on the show , that movie blew my mind)
  3. WhatsupTofudog

    Operation: Endgame (2010)

    whats really crazy is Bob Odenkirk, he never acts in anything and he signs up for this.