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  1. I'm sure they'll talk about it on the episode, but I for one was surprised and oddly pleased at the sex scene between Allan and Melanie. As the Wikipedia summary points out, it's "a rare example of an intimate love scene with a severely handicapped protagonist." And as it was happening, I did find myself thinking, "Wow, most movies with handicapped people don't even touch on the subject of sex directly, and I certainly don't think I've ever seen an explicit sex scene with a quadriplegic." So good on you, Monkey Shines, for daring to show us Allan going to the bone zone.

  2. So, correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe J.W. Stillwater, aka Eddie Lee Capers, is an expansion of a "character" PFT did during the Best of 2013 episodes. His voice also reminds me a little bit of the time PFT did a Huell Howser impression when there was an alternate universe Huell in the studio. Anyway, great episode; I predict that, with this, one of our Best of 2014s has already been released.


    EDIT: Found it, it's in Best of 2013 Episode 4 starting at around 1:07:30.

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  3. Instant classic. This episode goes into a pantheon of podcast episodes (episode 4 of Analyze Phish among them) where it was slightly different than the usual formula, but all the elements just happened to come together in the right way to create something really special. Lightning in a bottle. Maybe that's all a bit overenthusiastic for an audio recording of a few dudes in a room talking about random stuff, but I stand by it.


    Edit: I also watched Animal Odd Couples this weekend per Howard's suggestions of the past couple weeks. It was really good, and my girlfriend was crying the whole time.

  4. So jelly of anyone who lives in the LA area; you are so close to so much great live comedy practically every day! But I'm excited to hear the episode, even if it would be prohibitively expensive for me to ever get to a live taping...can't wait to hear what awful thing June defends this week while Jason wonders if she's gone completely mental.

  5. Haven't listened to this one yet, a little nervous after the less-than-stellar review Ku and Wie gave it on a recent Two Charted. I'll give it a chance though...although even good live episodes of any podcast are a little hard for me to listen to. I tend to end up hating at least one person in the audience, either for yelling something out, doing something dumb that gets pointed out by the hosts, or just having an annoying laugh. It's not a positive trait. I'm working on it.