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  1. A real HDTGM movie should be something with real aspiration. It doesn't get more ambitious than this. New and incomprehensible mythology presented in the clumsiest way possible, massive amounts of ego (Night as the writer who will change the world), and Scrunts. So bad they wrote a book about what a colossal egotrip mindfuck this movie is. But it needs the HDTGM takedown. So much to talk about...
  2. addiepray

    Dreamcatcher (2003)

    Jesus Christ bananas this movie was made for this podcast. Morgan Freeman with the world's biggest eyebrows. The WalMart speech. Mista Gay. Duditz. What a fuckaroo. Farting. Lots of farting. And its directed by Lawrence Freakin Kasdan and written by William Goldman. jesus Christ bananas!