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  1. Curtle

    Episode 4 — Opposite Day

    I think all of earwolf should pitch in to buy Candy a saucy female pinup calendar, she sounds in desperate need of one
  2. Curtle

    Episode 109 — The Andy Samberg Special

    Those must have been some really filthy cursewords Scott and Andy said to the pizza guy, they usually never bleep stuff in CBB!
  3. Curtle

    Episode 3 — Operation

    @Apple Sisters - I won't, don't worry. I only trust 5ft 11 inch tall tap dancing tapeworms and drink bottles of dark liquid from strangers, I'm savvy like that.
  4. Curtle

    Episode 3 — Operation

    I've never wanted a tapeworm as much as I have after listening to this episode. In that I don't want a tapeworm at all, for any reason, ever.