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  1. Ghost of HST

    Atlas Shrugged (2011)

    No, not really, I didn't see it but I reckon it is stone-cold boring...just wanted to share this article : http://www.avclub.com/articles/atlas-shrugged-producer-threatens-to-go-galt-over,55181/
  2. Ghost of HST

    Episode 182.5 - Minisode 182.5

    Yeah, although I do think his schtick works perfect in Caddyshack, he is no John Candy (no subtlety to carry the whole thing), and the just horrendous innuendo bottom-barrel Rodney in this movie....damn. But, seeing the lineup, I'm a titter to hear all the reactions and on-set stories...worth the cringing through ... Keyyyy-ahhhhhh....
  3. Totally agreed...haven't posted in ages but damn, great lineup and great guest ---- stellar epi!
  4. I don't think I have ever suggested a movie but...with full confidence...the Stan Romanek documentary on Netflix is multi-level insane...I had to stop it a few minutes in to double-check that it was a documentary because it comes off as an Alien Blair Witch...but it's not...it's a real doc. about real people...and, then again, it is an Alien Blair Witch...but also a low-key Christopher Guest improv. movie...Be forewarned, there are no dissenting voices in the film, and the cast of "Phd.s" trotted out...such true characters! (Don't look up his name beforehand if you do watch it! There is a shocking epilogue!!) Extraordinary: The Stan Romanek Story https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKSuGq8eo8c
  5. Ghost of HST

    Episode 475 - Prince and John Popper

    Seems like it's from Money Train (?) I am totally stealing it..."The night's a puppy...and I'm feeling frisky..."
  6. Ghost of HST

    HOWL - NEW iOS App

    Don't know if it was due to an update, or changing my settings, but I see there is now lock-screen play/pause!
  7. Ghost of HST

    HOWL - NEW iOS App

    Thanks so much ITM!! I guess I should always "try swiping" with anything these days~~ I definitely do not have a pause/play on the lock screen and I updated the app a few days ago. I see a bar over the app screen when it is open but just a notification that Howl is operating on the lock screen. Wonder why. Again my other (Google Play and Poweramp) players are displayed. I'd rather just d/l new ones and use another player. And the ads??
  8. Ghost of HST

    Can't download off the main site (or at all?)

    Thanks Dan! I kept looking for that on the Soundcloud page...
  9. Ghost of HST

    HOWL - NEW iOS App

    Is the discussion about this app going on somewhere else? First, as with many others I assume, I love Earwolf and have been here since the beginning. I am more than happy to pay for the Howl app even though it isn't perfected yet. However, I still see many issues remaining that I feel could hurt maintaining new subscribers. - I appreciate that episodes can now be downloaded. I see that I can select "Delete completed episodes" but is there an easy way to delete them from my device's memory without having to go all the way to the end? - I have had the imperfect d/l problem with an occasional clicking sound. - Ads in the episodes. Yes, I can FF through them but isn't this supposed to be a big selling point? I can't imagine that it isn't turning off new listeners. - Lock screen control. It seems that every audio player has this. I set my screen lock time very low and it is a major pain to unlock every time I want to pause... I have not had the problem Dan 72 mentions
  10. Ghost of HST

    Can't download off the main site (or at all?)

    This still isn't solved, is it?
  11. Ghost of HST


    Yep, thanks...I was a bit fuzzy-headed in my first post, sorry... We can disagree about D/Ling, since that isn't so much our concern but recently, more than torrents, many things just end up on youtube, like WTF, which it seems like all of his old shows have been uploaded there. Speaking of which, does the WTF app allow you to cleanly D/L old eps or is it streaming only also? I should have been more clear in that I totally agree that there needs to be an android app that you could buy once for all devices and also agree that in the BOAPW the entire archive would be available for D/Ling as open files but it would not keep me from getting the app because I really don't go back and listen with so much new stuff coming out already. I totally get wanting to listen to stuff without a network connection. I always listen to podcasts on a nanopod at the gym but, again, I'd be fine with only the recent ones being available in that format. I'm assuming that the release of the app might have been rushed due to EW Scripp's acquisition of Midroll(?)
  12. Ghost of HST


    Not picking on you (just a nit) but I really doubt that whole archives will ever see their way to torrent. I'm a long-term expat and have to rely on torrents for things because there is absolutely no other way to view them, but torrent sharing is dying except for only the biggest movies and TV shows. Nonetheless, it makes the argument even more for allowing the archives to be d/led. He did say "d/l to the app", which is fine by me. Cloud that s%&t up...I guess it leaves out people who want their own personal archive of podcasts sitting on their HD, but that can be a very large percentage, can it? FWIW, I've been listening since about ep. 50 of CBB (FCDR-FNAT), and have thoroughly enjoyed seeing Earwolf and the podcast scene explode even though I barely have time for a handful of faves right now. That said, I am so happy to see them finally being able to move to this model and will definitely be subscribing even though it is not a complete beast yet. And vids....sigh. I really do hope some energy is put in this direction over adding more podcasts but...VPN seemed so strong at first but now seems to be dying on the vine even though their "flagship" (??) Getting Doug...seems to be quite strong. The video seems barebones enough and if NNF can manage to upload video and have it easily available for streaming and D/Ling, it should be a breeze for Earwolf...
  13. Ghost of HST

    Episode 1618 - Dave Holmes

    Oh good one Shannon, but I'm pretty that was an old Eddie Murray character.... FOOD put that surprise appearance vid at the top of the page...I haven't watched it yet as I already hit my cringe and groan quota for today... http://www.funnyordie.com/articles/5193e703dc/entourage-a-thon
  14. I must assume that you have heard the SV ep. of CBB~ sadly no Zach but Middleditch kills it improvwise on that episode...
  15. Ahhh...Zach Woods and Eric the Intern immediately brings to mind the awesome vidcast of I4H when that was a thing...the whole thing is great but when they get to the "Orgies" scene, Zach kills it when he gets ensnared by Eric's "erotic voltage"!
  16. Ghost of HST

    Episode 1615 - Lauren Lapkus

    Yeah, I hope the idea occurred to them to do a "With Special Guest" with the whole NNF crew and Lauren in character...
  17. Ghost of HST

    EPISODE 108 — Con Air LIVE!

    This was bar-quiz question two nights ago ~ category is movies where the title is spoken in the dialog: Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. I have the only gun on board. Welcome to _____. Joy washed over me as I realized I could at least contribute one measly point to our total...God Bless Con Air (I also recognized the Tainted Love sample in a song all the way from the standing pissoir but it really doesn't compare...)
  18. Ghost of HST

    EPISODE 108 — Con Air LIVE!

    Haha~ I totally thought of that too! RE: The Skynrd~ Doesn't Sweet Home Alabama play at least twice in the movie? More proof of it's right-wing agenda, I suppose ... oh and BTW dlo burns, by pointing out the logical and spatial inconsistencies of this movie you have inadvertently demonstrated how amazing the film is, in that it exists beyond time and space, in what can only be termed a realm of aesthetic perfection...
  19. Ghost of HST

    Clip: Gutterballing with Eric Gutterman

    Shit be going down...
  20. Ghost of HST

    EPISODE 108 — Con Air LIVE!

    ooops double-post
  21. Ghost of HST

    EPISODE 108 — Con Air LIVE!

    Great episode and great sound for a live one - especially happy the Skype worked for most of the show... Two things that have come up here that people seem to have missed (I mean, I spaced on quite a bit of the "plot" points myself also...) - Cage was getting transferred because some official said "You have to get released from your original place of incarceration..." Of course thought, there is no reason why he would ever have been transferred out of state for manslaughter in the first place - it is no federal crime. (ETA: B of D just posted the breakdown simultaneously.) - He got the picture of his daughter back soon after the inmates took the plane when the guard was chained up. Cages says, "See, I told you I'd get it back." I the scene when they find all of the plans and documents (The Anarchist's Cookbook!), and then just happen to discover one cipher that reveals "Carson City"...Especially when the amount of secret correspondence and planning that went into this was pretty intensive since it expanded across prisons ~ Swamp Thing gets in at Carson City, I believe... Also, doesn't he just threaten the pilot once about saying anything on the radio but then leaves him totally alone in the cockpit? Why wouldn't the pilot tell everything then... Still, I agree with June and Jason - LOVED IT! ETA: I thought June might have been confusing this with Turbulence where Ray Liotta plays a psychotic killer being transferred on a plane and takes it over. "If it takes place on a plane, you know it's gotta be good."
  22. Ghost of HST

    EPISODE 108 — Con Air LIVE!

    I'm a Con Air virgin, er, newbie? No, virgin, because it's halfway in and I'm feeling it...Can't wait to hear the show and was scared when the only pic up didn't show her... ETA: Loved it...the end credits are kinda creepy after the final reveal~~ they remind more of something like Kelley's Heroes or whatever, where everyone is a good guy, ya know?
  23. Ghost of HST

    EPISODE 107 — Lake Placid: LIVE!

    Or why not The Happening with Mark Wahlberg (DVK)??
  24. Ghost of HST

    We will miss you Harris

    Did you find it here? https://vimeo.com/15690978 I was on vacation at Thai beaches when this happened (humblebrag?) and I also happened to have Harris' YMIW second episode on my pod!? Lots of hammock time spent in contemplation of the mysteries of life and death...Wanted to add, if it hasn't been mentioned, that Harris was really great in Sarah Silverman's excleent but un-picked-up pilot Susan 313. Sarah put it up on Jas but it looks to be gone. Hope she or someone can re-up it! Hippy-dippy-slippy lovetown to all earwolvians~~~~>
  25. Ghost of HST

    EPISODE 174 — Whiplash Ft. Armen

    Love it when Besser gets META! I seem to remember him going off on how being meta in a podcast doesn't work (unless it's done right...) during that podcasting contest Earwolf did years ago... But - I agree and this one nailed it. I missed the Armen v. Besser WC but read the kerfuffle here in the forums...but seeing this episode makes me want to listen to it. Armen has a great persona of deadpan dummy that really slices in a silly way...Loved it, loved everything about this episode!