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    Episode 36 — Who Uses Yourcast?

    I have a show on YourCast also (Terrible Friends Podcast). When we first signed up for the YourCast page, the intent was to use the visibility to bring up our numbers. That has happened, but not to as big of an extent as we had hoped, and probably not worth the $5 a month if we were looking at it purely from a cost/benefit analysis model based on listenership. We've kept being a part of the YourCast page not mainly because of the visibility and potential listeners but more because of the podcast network that we've become a part of. We're starting to bring in other YourCast show hosts as guests on our podcast, and are working out ways to help promote each others' shows. The only sense of competition that I feel is with other shows that I feel don't do as good of a job as we do, whether that's content, audio quality, etc. If we find a podcast that we like, our first move is to start communication with them to see how we can bring our listeners to them, and see if they'd want to bring their listeners to us. When you guys launched the YourCast page, did you envision this type of communication and collaboration, or is this a surprise to you?
  2. jakerayfish

    Audio Questions

    I personally use an Audio Technica AT2020 USB mic. Snowball mics are good, but I always felt goofy using them. The AT2020 looks like a proper mic and has great sound. You can get them on B&H for about $100 I believe. Of the other two guys on our podcast, one uses a AT2020 as well, and the other actually uses a decent dynamic mic, and it works surprisingly well. All three of us are hundreds of miles apart from each other, so we do a Skype call and each of us records a track of just our audio using Audacity. Then we export to mp3 and put the files in a dropbox folder for whoever is going to edit the show that week. For editing we use Adobe Audition. Audacity is great if you have some people on Macs and some on PCs. I have both, and have tried Garage Band and Soundtrack Pro for editing and I hated it. I like Audition so much better.
  3. jakerayfish

    Free or low-cost option for podcast stats?

    Thanks for the info. We actually decided to go with Blubrry for hosting and stats. We were using a Wordpress plugin before that called PodPress, but it crapped out on us. So far we've been pretty satisfied with Blubrry. Not quite the level of stat info that I wanted, but does a lot more than PodPress ever did.
  4. jakerayfish

    My Fellow Yourcast Friends

    I'm glad so many people are interested in this idea. I've been trying to listen through to see which podcasts would be a good match for ours. I don't know if any of you have had a chance to listen to our podcast yet, but we do things a little differently than most other podcasts out there. For starters, the two other hosts and I are several hundred miles away from each other. One of us even lives in a different time zone. So we do the podcast over a skype call and record individual tracks which two of us take turns editing every week. We also heavily edit our podcast. We typically record each week for about an hour to an hour and a half, and usually only use 20-40 minutes of it. Do any of you guys do any similar? We tend to think ourselves pretty damned funny, but I've never heard any constructive criticism. Here's probably one of our best podcasts if you're curious. http://www.terriblefriendspodcast.com/2011/06/episode-90-rhymes-with-dreamin/ Let's keep this thread going and have some cool discussions!
  5. Hey does anyone know of a good podcast stat service? I'm looking for something that could possibly deliver the kind of data that Google Analytics does for web traffic. What do you guy use to track your podcast downloads and feeds?
  6. jakerayfish

    My Fellow Yourcast Friends

    Hey Michael, thanks for bringing that to my attention. For some reason if you were subscribed to our podcast you could get the episodes no problem, but it wouldn't let anyone new subscribe and get them. I think it's fixed now. I guess I don't know anything about the Earwolf Challenge. What is that?
  7. jakerayfish

    My Fellow Yourcast Friends

    Hello. My name is Jake and I am one of the hosts for the Terrible Friends Podcast (http://terriblefriendspodcast.com). Since we've signed up for the Yourcast page, I've been trying to go through and listen to all the other podcasts signed up along side us. I thought maybe it'd be cool to create this topic as a place for us to introduce ourselves to each other and offer our opinions, ask for and offer advice, and maybe even work towards promoting each others' podcasts. One thing I'm really interested in is having guests on our podcast and having one or all of us be guests on yours. What do you guys think?
  8. jakerayfish

    Episode 5 — Who Studies Your Podcasts?

    Just listened to this episode. In response to you and Christine's discussion about sponsor's for podcasts, I've found that the shows on Revision3.com do a job job of having sponsor segments (at least two segments for a less that 30 minute show) without them feeling out of place or obtrusive. It's not exactly an even comparison since they are video podcasts, but I think there are some things to consider. I think the trick to successful sponsorships and product integration depends the sponsors and products, and the manner that they are delivered on the podcast. I would guess that this podcast has a pretty niche audience: other podcasters. If you were to get sponsored by a product that can somehow help podcasters in some way, that could potentially be a very successful sponsorship. It's much more difficult to apply that thinking to a podcast that just aims at making people laugh, but I think it still has merit.