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  1. Is...is that a possible shout-out from Bono to Scott & Scott with that casual drop of "It's been awhile?"
  2. I'm coming around to this way of thinking. And you're right, there are so many contenders for number 2.
  3. Eric C

    Dreamcatcher (2003)

    PLEASE DO THIS ONE. I NEED to hear everyone weigh in on the shitweasel and Duddits (Yay! A Whalberg!), immediately.
  4. Eric C

    Episode 4 — Attention

    To echo Barry, being at home full time with the kids was so much harder than I thought it was going to be and much more difficult than a "real" job. The adjustment period took, honestly, about 2 years. And I'm sure I did irreversible harm to myself through late nights "rewarding" myself for a hard day's work with Xbox and movies. And beer. That said, after just shy of a year in a "real" job, I still miss SAHD-dom terribly. After 6 years of being the primary caregiver, it's still far, far easier for me to focus on my kids and family than on spreadsheets and work. It all just seems so unimportant in comparison. On the subject of podcast length, I'm torn. I would probably listen to longer, more breathable episodes, but my subscribed podcast list is already overflowing with more content than I can possibly listen to in a given week. Maybe splitting bigger topics into two-part episodes is a workable compromise. Love the show! Love Earwolf!
  5. This week we have Sigur Ros in the studio and the entire show will be conducted in Hopelandic! Hallovist fyar eeeeiiiyooo guhval Comedy Boong Boong!
  6. Eric C

    Gratitude Lists!

    8/24 1. My dad (thanks for the reminder, Chase) 2. My mom 3. This shitty week is nearly over. 4. Pete Holmes and You Made It Weird (go Earwolf and all, but Pete's currently my fav) 5. My ability for complete and total sloth with zero guilt. When I read about people beating themselves up for not being constantly productive, I feel really bad for them. Embrace the laze!
  7. Eric C

    Episode 3 — Mortality

    My son has had to deal with loss and death far sooner than I ever did. He lost a grandparent (my wife's dad) when he was almost 4, then his other grandparents' dog and my grandmother in the last year. I didn't have anyone close to me die until I was well into my teens (my grandfather, and we weren't especially close, so it felt really distant and abstract). As such, it took me until, really, the last few years to really come to grips with death, loss, finality, and all of the rest. In the last couple of years, I've started to lose more and more elderly family members. It's been a real bummer and a real wake up call. And yet I still find myself drawn to the self-destructive too. Staying up too late playing video games is one of the WORST things you can do to yourself. Less sleep is bad for your heart. Ditto on sitting for extended periods. I know, why not combine those things, and then throw in some massive stress hormone release from Call of Duty multiplayer? Yay! Surely the two glasses of wine I have while doing so will counteract everything make me live forever! Resveratol! Honestly, I think (hope?) that my son's early exposure to mortality will be beneficial - I wish I had had much more of a sense of urgency in my early 20s. A better sense of my limited time probably would have meant I would have taken more risks - I might have followed up on some things that I let slip by, might have made some bolder choices (being intentionally vague here, sorry) that might have led to a different, possibly more fulfilling path. Something to throw into the mix: It's looking increasingly likely that among our kids' generation are probably the first humans who will live to be 200 or more. Even putting aside any "rapture of the nerd" notions of a full-blown technological singularity and the idea of our generation being able to hop on the life-extension train with them, it sure looks like bioengineering, synthetic biology, and eventual nano-tech solutions will lead to massively increased, *healthy* lifespans for humanity within this century. I feel relatively confident that barring eco-collapse or some other global catastrophe, our kids are going to have far longer, far richer, and far stranger lives than we can imagine. I'm thrilled at the prospect, and more than a little sad and bitter that I might not be able to be on the journey with them all the way to the end.
  8. Eric C

    Gratitude Lists!

    Oh man, Hazelnut creamer. Good call. Monday: 1. Comedy podcasts on a Monday morning. The double-dose of CBB and Walking The Room = happiness. 2. The Internet 3. My mother-in law, who made dealing with my kids' illnesses and interrupted camps this summer so much easier. 4. Vietnamese food (A big bowl of Bun with charcoal grilled pork and egg rolls, in particular) 5. Netflix Instant
  9. Eric C

    Gratitude Lists!

    With apologies/thanks to Wie-wie, here's my list of Summah Gratitude: 1. I'm grateful for my wife, who infuriates and delights me daily, and who has slowly helped me mold myself from a 23-year old boy to a 39-year old almost-man. 2. I'm grateful to have lived in Austin since the early 80s. It was a wonderful place to grow up, and it remains a wonderful place to live. 3. I'm grateful that my son's lump was benign and that he weathered the surgery that nearly derailed this summah like a champ. 4. I'm grateful that my daughter has almost completely recovered from her MRSA infection (yeah, it's been a crazy summah). 5. I'm grateful that my sister survived her brain surgery (you guessed it - this summah too!) and is also on the road to full recovery.
  10. Pop open a Snurt, get a heapin' bowl of Pilkdargy Extra Runny, and strap yourself to the Globbin, it's time for Yarmgroats!
  11. Eric C

    Episode — Love, Dad

    You bet! Lots of episodes to catch up on...
  12. Eric C

    Episode — Love, Dad

    This...this is amazing. Up until last October, I had been a stay-at-home dad for 6 years*. Now I work in a government job (long story) while one of my best friends regales me with benignly torturous stories about living in NYC and taking improv classes at UCB (basically, my un-followed dream). Like some of the other dads in the thread, I've been listening to Earwolf podcasts since, I dunno, episode 3 or 4 of its Death Ray incarnation? Like Chase Roper said earlier in the thread, this feels like a gift (on top of all of the other hours and hours of gifts that Earwolf has already provided). Finding Chase's podcast today in addition to this...Xmas morning, man. It also has me kicking myself for not doing something similar in the, oh, half-decade plus or so I had to figure shit out. Both podcasts have been added into the rotation. This is going to be great!
  13. I must to remember to bury ALL the ham this time
  14. Whatever knows fear burns at the touch of the Man-Thing!
  15. Eric C

    Episode 106.5 — It\'s A Fucking Podcast: Pt. 2

    The guys were closer than they new with their "hit by a car" Chewbacca death scenario. His death was even more stupid. He was actually crushed by a falling moon. I'm ashamed that I somehow know this, despite never having read any Star Wars "novels."