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  1. Jillian S

    Episode 139 — Win a Farmhouse

    Bob's reaction to the plug's song was adorable.
  2. Jillian S


    I love this pod, but had not seen any of the movies except Mac and Me (a childhood fav I refuse to change my opinion of), and don't have time to watch the movies myself. It is still really hilarious and enjoyable to hear you talk about them, but would love a quick plot synopsis or discussion in order of plot instead of everyone just throwing out any and all thoughts. LOVE hearing the positive reviews. Please keep doing that.
  3. Jillian S

    Episode 101 — THUNDER!

    I also recently started watching The League. I was hesitant because I don't follow football at all, but love the cast so much I decided to try one epi and was hooked. I ended up watching the entire series over a couple of days. So great. I love all of the Duplass bros' mumblecore films and have had a crush on Mark since The Puffy Chair. When Mark first spoke about balancing fatherhood, I immediately thought of the bonus feature on The Baghead DVD where he and Jay both held their babies while discussing directing. I was so happy to hear him mention this himself. Major props to Totally Laime for booking such an awesome guest who I haven't heard on any other pod.
  4. Jillian S

    Episode 1 — Analyze Phish

    Phantastic podcast. Harris and Scott play off each other in such a hilarious way. I went in a bit skeptical since I was sure I would not be into Phish, but I really enjoyed the very first song Harris played and have been listening to some others since listening.
  5. Is the recurring segment on Earwolf Challenge Matt being confused by things?
  6. Jillian S

    Great Starter Episodes

    Little Dum Dum Club- Paul F, Weird Al, and Marc Maron. I downloaded several Totally Laime, but haven't listened yet.
  7. Jillian S

    Episode 2.2 — Theme and Intro: Day 2

    I have been listening to eps of The Little Dum Dum Club all morning. These guys are extremely likable and funny. They really hold their own and are totally engaging with guests like Maron and PFT. I haven't listened to any eps with guests I'm not familiar with yet, but I have a feeling they will be just as good. I really recommend it to all you earwolves.
  8. Jillian S

    Episode 2.3 — Theme and Intro: Day 3

    The only theme song that I had stuck in my head after listening to yesterday's epi was the one eliminated in the theme song challenge! Sorry to see Beginnings go, but the judges were all spot on in their advice. Why take a podcast with a great premise and try to broaden it to sound just like other interview format shows? I will definitely give a listen to it though. The hosts sound like good dudes.
  9. I would love to hear Chris Hardwick, Jimmy Pardo, Nick Kroll, John Hamm, and the Sklar Bros together. I would also love to hear the dynamics of Scott Aukerman as a guest with Kulap in charge.
  10. Jillian S

    Harris Wittels Needs His Own Podcast

    A Wittel Harris Goes a Lawn Way.
  11. Jillian S

    Meeting Up

    I'm in the L.A. area now (Long Beach), but moving to NYC for school at the end of the month. Too bad both places are so small and not comedy friendly.
  12. Jillian S

    Episode 24 — Who Are Our Superfans?

    Great episode! I love the super fans. It was hilarious how Jeff kept insulting them for having no friends, ruining the commercial, or working for a dying industry. (Julia, I'm also a journalist.)
  13. Jillian S

    Episode 29 — Turn Off The Dark

    Tony rant was spot on. Maddow sketch was hilarious. James don't leave!!!
  14. Jillian S

    Episode 29 — Rascal Flatt-lining

    Great ep and excited to hear I have the same shower curtain as Howard. It's like being in geography class every time I'm on the pot. [attachment=1639,37]
  15. Jillian S

    Episode 109 — The Andy Samberg Special

    Loved having Andy Samberg and hearing the behind the music/skits deets. And was so pleasantly surprised when I found out Cameron Bro was Adam Pally. Love him on Happy Endings. Glad to hear he is as funny as he is hot.