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  1. applesisters

    Episode 31 — April Fools!

    Thanks so much for the nice words everyone! We missed you too! And dean, it was real! NaylorBen - Dustin is a presence that cannot be wrangled to one time period! xo
  2. applesisters

    The Apple Sisters Buzz Buzz Buzz

    We reached our pledge goal! Thanks so much listeners! xxx
  3. applesisters

    Episode 29 — Father Christmas

    We will miss you all so so so much! Good news, we have a treat for you on Christmas!
  4. applesisters

    Episode 27 — Buzz Hamburg

    We don't know WHAT got into that Inn Keeper! He possessed Cora!
  5. applesisters

    The Apple Sisters Buzz Buzz Buzz

    Our December 12th show is completely sold out! Thanks listeners!
  6. applesisters

    Episode 26 — After Thanksgiving

    Don't tell Seedy - it'll go straight to her head!
  7. applesisters

    The Apple Sisters Buzz Buzz Buzz

    We are featured on @VideoDanceTV Dance Video of the Day today! Do the JERK!
  8. applesisters

    Episode 25 — Happy Thanksgiving!

    TVs Andy Daly stopped by? Could it be? Yowsa boffo!
  9. applesisters

    Episode 24 — Preparing for the President

    Very excited for the show tonight! All's we're gonna say is that FINALLY...you can see how fast Cora takes her clothes off.
  10. applesisters

    The Apple Sisters Buzz Buzz Buzz

    Hey you delightful Apple Corps! We started our Pledge Music Campaign today! Go to pledgemusic.com/theapplesisters and help us raise funs or our new album!
  11. applesisters

    Episode 23 — Election Day

    Ha ha ha. We think we should write "and listen to our friends" as a full length song.
  12. applesisters

    I'm not a sailor...

    Good for you for pitching into the war effort! It's nice to see a nice young man producing and getting his hands dirty with Seamen! As for Cora's orchard, well, it's currently been plucked clean by a roaming gang of pluckers...and their mom's too! Mother Pluckers!
  13. applesisters

    Mailroom Questions!

    MAILROOM QUESTIONS! Currently on our book of faces! It's time to talk about Christmas!
  14. applesisters

    Our New Record

    Thanks Bobby. Details coming soon! xoxox
  15. applesisters

    Episode 22 — Mr. Jack O\'Lantern

    Another delightful episode guide from our pal, Harlow Van Voorhees! http://www.earwolf.com/2011/10/harlow-van-voorhees-episode-guide-the-apple-sisters-22/