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    Guest Suggestions: Earwolf Regulars

    I think it would be fun to have Scott Aukerman, the big dog himself, on to talk about his star turn as young Michael Caine's back double for "Austin Powers in Goldmember". Not because it was such a great part, but how the hell he got such a weird part in a pretty big movie. And I agree I would love to have June Diane Raphael talk about "Zodiac", or ideally have her on with her comedy partner and fellow Earwolf host Casey Wilson, who also worked with David Fincher in "Gone Girl" to compare and contrast their experiences.
  2. Anchor Management

    In Search of a Storyline

    While I do think the quality of the podcast isn't what it has been, it is too easy and unfair to blame it all on Blaine as a DM. Dungeons & Dragons is a co-operative game, the DM creates the world with the players. Want to stop fighting giants? Turn around. Want interesting NPC's? Go into town to look for them. Sure, Blaine has not created the most memorable campaign, but the players are just not making interesting choices. Only Dan is trying to make things happen, so when he is the DM AND also has Brendon Small playing a real character you get that synergy that propels the story forward. Even Sark had trouble keeping his campaign fun and streamlined (the party searching that collector base was boring), until he had Sir Richard and Damian to play off of. Those characters made the story way more fun and when those strong characters (and Blackie Green) were gone, the story suffered. Try to describe Dag, Hug and Winter without using physical descriptors or the word 'weird'. It's pretty hard. They don't have strong personalities, goals, backgrounds or behaviors that shape their decisions. Whatever they decide to do with these characters, just have everyone sit down with the DM to discuss who their characters are and what they want out of the journey.
  3. Anchor Management

    The Dungeon Masters (documentary)

    Yeah, I saw it and would not recommend it to people interested in the role playing games. It barely goes into the craft of being a dungeon master, you just see whatever else they do. Also, the central characters are just so unlikable, it is hard to care. There is a great documentary to be made about DM'ing, this is not it.
  4. Anchor Management

    Episode 94 — Glitter: LIVE!

    So Paul claims Gwen Stefani has never tried acting? Oh, if only there was someone, say, on that same panel, who had been in a movie with Mrs. Stefani...
  5. Anchor Management

    Episode 30 — More Barbecue Sauce

    Man, I'm so glad you guys are back. It just improves the quality of my Tuesdays. Are you going to cover "Ink Master" in the future? That show is so weird, but almost nobody talks about it. They have to tattoo actual people! As a challenge! In the first episode! And call them 'human canvases', which is just gross.
  6. Anchor Management

    Episode 59.5 — Minisode 59.5

    How can this be the worst video game movie, if it isn't even the worst Street Fighter movie?
  7. Anchor Management

    Episode 58 — In The Name of The King

    There is an interview with Dave Foley about his work on Uwe Boll's "Postal" in Nathan Rabin's book "My Year of Flops", which is required reading for bad movie aficionados. In it, he explains that Uwe almost considers making movies as his performance art. Because he doesn't have to worry about financing, he is always thinking about how he can shock and piss off people, usually by writing his next movie while still filming another movie. He barely pays attention to directing and it shows. The only reason I hated this episode was because this means they won't be reviewing "Dungeons & Dragons" from 2000 anytime soon...
  8. Anchor Management

    The Wicker Man

    To celebrate the fact that How Did This Get Made finally has its own shirt featuring Sir Nicolas Cage, there should be a new Nic Cage entry and there is no Nic cage movie more ridiculous than The Wicker Man. Not only does the story make no sense whatsoever -he's a highway patrol man who investigates a mysterious village? Because his daughter is dead or not?- there are scenes in it that make Old Dogs pale by comparison. How about the helmet of bees? Cage in a bear suit? The roundhouse kick he gives to a woman? Or his crazy hair in general? Plus he has numerous great freak-out moments throughout the movie. I mean, an actual line of dialogue is "Killing me won't bring back your fucking honey". It is just that insane. You're welcome.
  9. Anchor Management

    Episode 18 — Fake Girl Voice

    Great episode, good to see Paul F. Tompkins finally make an appearance on a podcast. It's weird a comedian of his acclaim had never been on a podcast before. More importantly, I had hoped you guys had discussed King of the Nerds. Because you like to riff on he guest judges, but last week the judges were friend of Earwolf Garfunkel and Oates! Could you please get them on the show to talk about their experiences as judges.
  10. Anchor Management

    Episode 17 — It's Chow Time

    How about this reality show concept to produce with all that podcast survey money? It's two podcast hosts who, accompanied by their uptight British man-servant Engineer Brettford, search for the perfect reality show concept to produce. There are several contestants who all pitch their ideas and every week one gets eliminated. Somehow helicopter rides are involved.
  11. Anchor Management

    Looking for a movie

    Do you mean Punching The Clown? It stars Henry Philips, who was indeed the other guest in the Mike Birbiglia CDR ep. You had all the clues and yet...
  12. Anchor Management

    It's All About Love

    So yesterday I finally got my copy of "My Year of Flops", because my love for bad movies runs deep you guys and I was flipping through it to see what was covered. While there were many movies in there that would qualify, there was one movie so bad and insane my brain tried to block out the memory of it: It's All About Love (2003), a forgotten crapsterpiece. It has Joaquin Phoenix and Claire Danes (who reportedly cried when she saw the final result) in crazy Polish accents, floating people who have to be tethered to Earth, clones, people dropping dead, the world is freezing over, it is insane. I watched both The Last Airbender and Old Dogs and those feel like straightforward stories compared to this hot mess. Wikipedia does not have a plot synopsis, because it is impossible to pu into words. The most bizarre part is how a movie this far out is so boring. Please review this movie.
  13. Anchor Management

    Episode 66 — Get Up On This

    Aw yeah! I've been a fan of Jensen since the Hype Men podcast (R.I.P.) and he does have one of the best Twitter accounts around. Plus his industry insider stories are such a treat, which make for such an entertaining episode. Hopefully Howard will show up on Get Up On This soon to continue the great Drake debate.
  14. Anchor Management

    Episode 145 — A Family Affair

    Most artists only skew their prism of reality up to five degrees when producing art. Do you know which artist always goes six degrees? Kevin Bacon.
  15. Anchor Management

    Episode 26 — Jingle All The Way

    Yay, Joe Mande! I love the Goof Troop! But did he even get introduced at all? Great episode, loved that you piccked up the final scene was the same as in Old Dogs, but I think they missed discussing the best moment of the movie:
  16. Anchor Management

    Episode 25.1 — Bonus Minisode

    Man, two episodes of HDTGM? in a week? 'Tis truly the season of giving! Jingle All The Way is a great piece of holiday cinema, which I used to love as a kid. Looking back, it's insane, Paul didn't even mention the best part of the movie (which I won't spoil if you haven't seen it), plus there is a scene that got remade in Old Dogs...
  17. Anchor Management


    If you listen to today's Doug Loves movies with Paul, June and Jason, you might be pleasently surprised... well, not anymore, now that I've given that major hint. Still, looking forward to it!
  18. Anchor Management

    Episode 22.5 — Minisode 22.5

    While I don't think movies made outside of the studio system should get reviewed on HDTGM (how it got made: Tommy Wiseau is a crazy man with money somehow), I am very excited to hear from someone involved in the movie what working on it was like. Because everything I've seen or heard about him leads me to believe he is in fact an alien zombie that made a movie and does not know what breakfast is.
  19. Anchor Management

    Episode 48 — Emotional Luggage

    This needs to happen: we need a screencap of Doug Benson in Captain Eo in his outfit. Please eagle-eyed Earwolves with a copy of captain Eo, make it so!
  20. Anchor Management

    Episode 20 — Punisher: War Zone

    This was a very interesting episode, I love to hear those Hollywood stories of how these kind of movies get made. Lexi had some great stories about the entire proces. Plus, it was great that Patton was there as he has openly expressed how much he loves this movie. That could be something you do more often, just ask the comedians you want to have on what there favorite bad movies are, because it really worked here and in 'The Love Guru' episode. I think that could lead to some really cool results. - Also, The Chemical Brothers didn't score 'Drive', they scored 'Hanna', which has such an amazing action score . 'Drive' was a nice throw back to the 80's, but it didn't work as well as an action score.
  21. Anchor Management

    Episode 19 — The Wicker Man

    @Julia: It's really bad for the first hour or so, where nothing makes sense in plot, dialogue or acting choices, but Cage is somewhat subdued, then after that he takes off the brakes and goes full-on Cage. So you have to invest some time before you get the sweet, sweet pay-off. If you've seen the Youtube clips, you've seen the best beats, although I usually like my craziness in context. But if you are a bad movie buff, go watch it.
  22. Anchor Management

    Episode 18.5 — Minisode 18.5

    Also a note to the hosts and anyone wanting to check it out before the podcast: if you watch the unrated version, find a way to see the original "6 months later" or however later ending for a few celeb cameos and LeeLee Sobieski looking really hot. Which was the best part of the movie, given what they imply will happen, so of course they cut it out of the later version. - @ljjk1234: I think it's impossible to not discuss movies already talked about elsewhere. This is by no stretch of the imagination a unique concept. There are two ways to go with the bad movie riffing approach: one is go the obscure, inherently bad, yet fun movies, like blackspolation movies or straight-to-video films, but that relies very heavily on the talent of the creators to make that funny. The other route is go for big name terrible movies like Wicker Man, All About Steve or Battlefield Earth. Because that route is much more fun and comedy stems from shared experiences, so many others have travelled it. My Year of Flops, Commentary Tracks of the Damned, The Flop House, Yeah It's That Bad, Videogum's The Hunt For The Worst Movie of All Time, etc., etc., they all have a huge overlap in which movies they talk about. It's near impossible to review a recognisable bad movie that has not yet been reviewed. Does that make the later entries less valid? Of course not, they stand on their own quality. Still, good plug, will check out some episodes. tl;dr: Simpsons did it.
  23. Anchor Management

    Episode 18.5 — Minisode 18.5

    Great pic, I wonder who recommended it here first: http://www.earwolf.com/forums/topic.php?id=578 - Also, are there no more listener questions from you guys? I wouldn't mind it if that would mean you guys go weekly. Maybe it was just some kind of oversight. You can always ADR it in. Along with a couple of farts.
  24. Anchor Management

    Episode 68 — Chipotle: A Poem

    Wait, was there a hidden dig at Kulap's nationality in there? Hmmm........
  25. Anchor Management

    Episode 68 — Chipotle: A Poem

    Wait, was there a hidden dig at Kulap's nationality in there? Hmmm........