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  1. mickeyitaliano

    Episode 89 — Uber Smart

    great ep ladies...
  2. mickeyitaliano

    Episode 177 — Ugly Billionaires

    Natasha..you are unique. I love your opines.
  3. mickeyitaliano

    Episode 282 — Wompster's University

    Whem Listler said "Winger" I frigging died. "I'm only seventeen". Gad I love you guys
  4. mickeyitaliano

    Episode 160 — Merry Chartmas

    Casey...After spending Christmas "Home Alone" (seriously), you provided me with hearing myself laugh. Especially, since I spent the day streaming the whole season of "Broadchurch".
  5. mickeyitaliano

    Episode 150 — Physical Business

    Great episode guys...Nash and John Ross Iman Bowie were excellent. MM
  6. mickeyitaliano

    Episode 75 — New Year\'s Extravaganza

    What is golf?
  7. mickeyitaliano

    Episode 75 — New Year\'s Extravaganza

    Matt...Yeah, I saw that
  8. mickeyitaliano

    Episode 100 — EPISODE 100!!!

    Grow up Doug. Your hitting 50 (or looklike it) playing a stoner-do you want Jim Brewer's cinematic career?. I think Dum Dum now
  9. mickeyitaliano

    Episode 75 — New Year\'s Extravaganza

    the best...I am going to I tunes to vote...what a gift
  10. mickeyitaliano

    Episode 7 — Battleship Strap-On

    Matt...sorry about your Dad. I hope your okay. This was a great show...and I envy (yes, envy) the way your co-horts can ride with a segmant and not screw up (without laughing). Reading the Darrell Hammond book now, it says a lot. Take care
  11. mickeyitaliano

    Episode 6 — Jon Daly\'s Rafflecast

    Please pick up this show
  12. mickeyitaliano

    Episode 134 — Bride of Chucky

    I'm suprised Jennifer did not remember that she was nominated for an Oscar in "Bullits over Broadway".
  13. mickeyitaliano

    Episode 70 — The Sklarbro Rippers

    I feel incredibly happy to have worked at Largo during that time (1999-2001) and to have met you all. Do you remember Patton's Richard Dawson? Those people paid five bucks (as you guys got as well) to hear Proops, Silverman, Garafalo, Griffen, Marin, Garlin and so many others. That was great times, man. I gotta say, Patton has scored major success and he is so down to earth. Great show guys. Continued success. Michael
  14. mickeyitaliano

    Episode 30 — Gratitude

    Bring back Bill Maher
  15. mickeyitaliano

    Episode 30 — Gratitude

    I am thankful this Thanksgiving for you guys