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  1. That "Carlin" clip is no longer on YouTube...is there anywhere else to view this bummer?
  2. Wow! 3 episodes from my one letter. They were amazing.
  3. Hey, that's my letter! Awesome!
  4. Now that LHR is gone, I'm pulling for LDDC.
  5. Now that LHR is gone, I'm pulling for LDDC.
  6. zerohacker

    Episode 7.3 — Original Content: Day 3

    I was bummed to see F+ get eliminated. I thought it should have been Bob&Dan. They seemed like they were trying a little too hard to be JJGo, ever down to the way one of them spoke, it reminded me of Jesse's inflection.
  7. zerohacker

    Earwolf without ED

    I'm sad to hear he left. Hope all goes well with whatever he does now.
  8. I'm excited to hear what the challenges are....
  9. zerohacker

    Episode 26 — Well That Was Weird

    Wolf The Fuck with Jeff Ulrich. I really enjoyed this episode.