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  1. I've been keeping track of my plugs theme in this topic, but i'm still lost on when my first one was played if anyone can lend a hand. My plugs song Wake Up, Everybody ('Cuz the Time for Plugs is here), from back in the CDR days slipped through the cracks of the old facebook page and my latest one (and all subsequent ones) can be found in the other, dedicated topic.
  2. I'm back with more poorly mixed plugs themes. My last plugs theme was heard on episode 121 with Jimmy Pardo, Paul Rust, and Rob Delaney ...and the latest: The Questions I'm Asking
  3. As a refresher, here are my past submissions for CDR Radio: It's Time for Plugs (Someone needs to remind me what episode this was one... it was, i believe, the 2nd plugs theme played) (It's Time) Time for The Plugs (As heard on Episode 76.2 with Zach Galifianakis and Paul F. Tompkins) It's Time for Plugs (Again) (As heard on Episode 101 with Joe Lo Truglio, Matt Besser as Pastor Phelps and good ol' Scott Tabletop Wake Up, Everybody ('Cuz the Time for Plugs is here) (This one was posted to the old Facebook page, but never played) And my latest "opus"/first CBB!: The Podcast submission: What's Up, Hotdog? (What'chu Got to Plug?)