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  1. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0353324/ RIP Dennis Hopper. Otherwise, these assholes have no one to blame but themselves. And the need for a paycheck. Pretty please do this one.
  2. sarahride

    Avatar (2009)

    I mean, come on. Without the CGI, (or even with, for that matter), it's one corny piece of shit movie. Clearly James Cameron has been suffering from genuine-talent-amnesia since right after making the Terminator.
  3. When I go to Queens, I have a good time!
  4. sarahride

    We will miss you Harris

    To the Earwolf community, I am very sorry for your loss. Addiction is a sad, confusing, and cruel thing. Take care of yourselves.
  5. PS - maybe West Virginia should take Mississippi's place? Have you seen any of those Jamie Oliver shows? When it comes to veggies, or basically anything that's not a chicken nugget, those poor little children cannot even correctly identify a fucking potato.
  6. Matt, keep doing things exactly as you want to. Sometimes I am categorically opposed to the musicians you have on the show, and if I'm bitter about it, it's only because I don't want it to subtract from time for brilliant improv bits. But over time, you've lengthened the podcast to accommodate as such, so it's not a big deal. And yes, I just fast forward through the music. I'll admit that it was a weird choice to have David Bazan on; I loved Pedro the Lion in the 90s, but in general, the guy is a spectacular bummer. More to my point, you don't owe these detractors and whiny-ass listeners anything. You're Matt Fucking Besser. I appreciate that you're taking the time to do this podcast. I bought your book. I got goosebumps listening to the audiobook version of Amy Poehler's book when she gives you so much credit for shaping her personal and comedic identities. You're incredibly grounded. You deserve the praise and do not deserve the criticism, at least not when it comes to putting a musician you love on your own fucking podcast. Also, between us, the Sklar brothers have way shittier taste.
  7. So, lemme preface this by saying that I think this is one of the greatest podcasts of all time, and I bought the UCB book, and recognize the boundaries that must be pushed and crossed for the sake of the craft. That being said, the reactions to the sociopath who called in two or three episodes ago regarding his attempted murder of a classmate was troubling to me. The only person who showed any empathy was Betsy Sodaro, and the rest of you laughed it off. That was kind of fucked up. I don't agree with the one commenter who said you should notify someone, because that is absurd, but you all (except for Betsy) responded to it in a very light way that made me quite uncomfortable. So now I feel weird listening to the podcast. Sorry, guys.
  8. sarahride

    Episode 91 — Ghost Dog

    Kudos to Jessica Chaffin's Philly accent. Love, A Philadelphian
  9. sarahride

    Episode 316 — In the Larp Run

    Dane Cook just pretty much described the plot to the movie Space Camp.
  10. sarahride

    Episode 241 — Scruff City!

    Taylor Swift is not 19, she's 24. Big difference.
  11. sarahride

    Episode 238 — Jewish Stomach!

    My dad used to live in a nursing home in Holidaysburg, PA. He called it Hollandaiseburg.
  12. sarahride

    Episode 193 — The Jonah-Kremer Disconnect

    Right there with Jonah on Christopher Cross. I was very disappointed the first time I saw his photo as he looked nothing like the Michael McDonald-esque dude I had in my head.
  13. sarahride

    Episode 89 — Gooby

    So Eugene Levy essentially plays the same role in Gooby that he did in Splash?
  14. Great episode. Slums of Beverly Hills is one of my favorite films of all times, and I can really relate to David Krumholtz's mental health issues.
  15. sarahride

    Episode 138 — Old Boots

    Apology accepted.
  16. sarahride

    Episode 138 — Old Boots

    "That's a big girlfriend." - Matt Besser. Jerk.
  17. Hahaha, Pedro the Lion. SAD HUMANS!
  18. sarahride

    Episode 213 — Epic Road Trip!

    Elizabeth is ENRAGING me right now.
  19. sarahride

    Episode 74 — The Oscar Special

    This Kate Aurthur person is an idiot. Did she see Drop Dead Gorgeous?
  20. sarahride

    Episode 168 — Survived the Whistling

    Mamet did State and Main, which wasn't bad. Philip Seymour Hoffman starred in it.
  21. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show.
  22. sarahride

    Episode 197 — Mac N Cheese Please!

    Elizabeth, why are you always bringing up these bummertown true stories about children being murdered?
  23. sarahride

    Episode 157 — Mumble Pie

    I LOVE that he said the Pump Up the Volume soundtrack.