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  1. Johnny Unusual

    Lost in Space (1998)

    Here's the original trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0-llt3anCA Yeah, not a good movie. That movie monkey looks almost as good as the one in the show.
  2. Johnny Unusual

    Miami Connection (1987)

    Can we merge them all, then?
  3. Johnny Unusual

    Dead Silence

    Wow... that's awful. "We'll mutilate insanity" is a lyric. And they aren't GWAR.
  4. Johnny Unusual

    Memorial Plugs Ballad

    Really beautiful. My only problem is that it goes on a bit long. If you edited it to second 33, then it would start of with a bang and ease in from there.
  5. Johnny Unusual

    Plugs Theme

    Nice one. Hope it gets picked!
  6. Johnny Unusual

    Episode 3 — Flashbulb Memories

    Good episode, but I'm hoping for a longer episode next time. It feels more of a continuation of the previous subject, even if it isn't exactly the same.
  7. Johnny Unusual

    ELO + OJN - Xanadu

    Oh Xana-do this movie! The first video reminded me how I don't really care for Don Bluth (despite his laser disc games and about 50% of Secret of NIMH)
  8. Johnny Unusual

    Supergirl (1984)

    Am I the only one who has that Boss movie theme stuck in their head. Not a song you want to get caught singing nonchalantly. Anyhoo, here's the Supergirl trailer... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79urQ-bkYvA EDIT: How drunk does Peter O'Toole sound in this?
  9. Johnny Unusual

    Episode 242 — Veggie Dongs

    That messed with my mind when they re-enacted the old episode.
  10. Johnny Unusual

    Six Pack

    This looks pretty amazing. It's like someone tried to rip off the Bad News Bears without really getting it.
  11. Johnny Unusual

    Orca (1977)

    The other trailer was taken down apparently. Here's a fresh one.
  12. Johnny Unusual


    It's all on youtube, too.
  13. Johnny Unusual

    Comedy Bang Bang Season 2 Thread

    I swore I would never take them off until Chris Pine died.
  14. Johnny Unusual

    Plug song submission. I love you.

    Wait, how did you try them? Anyway, the song goes on a bit long for a plugs song. It's usually best to keep it under a minute. Think of it more like a jingle than a song.
  15. Johnny Unusual

    Episode 241 — The Stallone Bros.

    Any episode where Scott is brought to tears by another character is comedy gold.
  16. Johnny Unusual

    What guest do you want to see?

    Chris O'Dowd Peter Serafinowitz Stephen Colbert (in character or out!)
  17. Great episode. I knew I was going to love it the second I heard the premise. Oh, Gutterballs, when will you find the one?
  18. Johnny Unusual

    Comedy Bang Bang Season 2 Thread

    Possibly my favourite character is Emeril Legosi. I love that in concept he's completely outrageous, but Jason plays him as a straight man. And my favourite sketch of the year is probably "Soap or Dope" (which has a tag where it says it's from Tsk Tsk Attaboy LTD.)
  19. Johnny Unusual

    Chip Gardner

    He was a great character and though I would never say know to seeing him again, I'm not sure where they can take the character after that...
  20. Johnny Unusual

    Episode 230 — Something for Everything

    Yep, but you got to his admire rappin' Scott being here to say, that he likes to rap in a particular way!
  21. Johnny Unusual

    Enjoy my plugs theme, you stupid baby

    Nice work Joren... or should I say Cyndi Lauper?!?