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  1. It's so good, I don't know whether to hip or hop!
  2. Johnny Unusual

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    Tommy Wisseau is right! Seriously, though, at the risk of sounding like the BIGGEST dum-dum, I recently am bugged... the Daddy Long Legs actually has another name and Daddy Longlegs is a nickname. So did that nickname become before or after the popular novel Daddy Longlegs from 1912?
  3. Johnny Unusual

    Episode 2 — Minisode: Comedy

    Same. The ridiculous RV stuff feels more police academy. If it ended when Bill Murray brought them out, then it would have been better. Bill Murray also greatly improve Meatballs. Watched that for the first time recently. Cute, but the best parts are with Murray and the boy he befriends. Also, the final race is surprisingly well done, in the way it focuses on the heavy breathing and the camera work doesn't feel like the usual still camera work I expect in a Reitman film.
  4. Johnny Unusual

    Episode 234 — Changing The Bandage

    Paul Workswellwithothers, The Honorable Teddy Scar, Maddox Goodtry, Hug Niceman!
  5. Johnny Unusual

    Episode 22 — Yet Another Pardo-sode

    It's hard to say. Some say you can only find him on his three podcast and appearing on many others and live on stage often.
  6. Johnny Unusual

    Episode 98 — A Worthy Uhhh

    I listened to this episode recently! I forgot how much I loved it. And the recent Stallone Bros episode reminded me of how much I love it when Scott is brought to tears.
  7. Johnny Unusual

    Episode 221 — The Cake Council

    Sure he did, during THE REAL moon landing, duh!
  8. Johnny Unusual

    what episode is this from

    Sounds more like a Mr Marshall line.
  9. Johnny Unusual

    Ryan Drane - Ah, Shit!

    Good as a song, but not really a comedy song. Maybe some people should start another thread for that?
  10. Johnny Unusual

    My plug song submission

  11. Johnny Unusual

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    This might be my favourite Will Ferrell character.
  12. Johnny Unusual

    Gregorian Plugs

    This plugs song was one of my favourite gags in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Good job!
  13. Johnny Unusual

    A major market (near you): plug song

    I assume you cut some of the names out for time? I'm looking forward to sequels.
  14. Johnny Unusual

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    I think someone isn't allowed at open mics anymore.
  15. Johnny Unusual

    Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky

    Watched this again recently. Guess what: the whole thing is available for free on youtube. Not only that, but in a variety of formats! Dubbed, subtitled. And that is all. 2 is a variety. Please do this movie! Warning, this is gory. Ridiculously gory. Also ridiculously fake looking, but still... NSFW http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vMKN1tYknE
  16. It is pretty emotionally draining. I too would have been tempted to take my hands off the wheel and use the arms attached to said hands and wrap them around my pets... Snoopy Doggy Dog the Dog Doug E Dog Dog Benson Engineer Dog Kitty Pryde William Cat Yusaf Islam and, of course, Nine Inch Snails
  17. Johnny Unusual

    Episode 2 — Minisode: Comedy

    Good episode. Yeah, I never felt much towards Belushi, except that though his style wasn't my own, he was clearly far more talented than his brother. I think generation is a factor, but not the only factor. There's cultural effects and just personal stuff. But things change with the culture and some kinds of humour or elements of those kinds of humour don't carry over. Or they carry over so much that their influence is hidden after it becomes part of the background.
  18. That'll send a message to President Barack Hussein Obamacare and his Obama-DOESN'T-care!
  19. Johnny Unusual

    Generation Gaps

    This was a great first episode. It does seem like it quite hasn't been broken in yet (as in, it doesn't feel 100 per cent smooth yet), but it is off to a GREAT start and I love the inclusion of earwolf folks commenting at the beginning. I also love how they cite themselves, which is smart for a podcast that risks inaccuracies (there's so much misinformation out there, it is easy to get tripped up).
  20. Johnny Unusual

    Generation Gaps

  21. For those who are on a budget, I want to recommend the following over the counter medications. Nyquil Dayquil Twilightquil Solar Eclipsequil Tylenol Aspirin Advil Anacin Jennifer Anacin Bayer Michael Bayer Hudson Bayer Sittin' On the Dock of the Bayer Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Pro-Dandruff Shampoo Dandruff Neutral Shampoo St. John's Wart St. John's Pimple St. Simeon Stylites' Colon Polyp and Cheetos
  22. Johnny Unusual

    Pooped My Pants

    Auto-tune has a lot of crimes to answer for.
  23. Johnny Unusual

    YA GOTTA PLUG (CBB Plug Theme Submission)

    Good one on this one. Hope it appears on the show!
  24. Recently, my circle of holistic medicine takers have been finding great success with various procedures that have been abandoned sometime in the middle ages. This could be because a lot of these have lead to death, and infection, but I feel that sometimes progress forgets to take some of the good stuff with it. Here are some REAL old-timey treatments that I recommend next time you have a boil or the black death. Bloodletting Bloodleading (putting lead into the bloodstream) Bile Letting Marrow Letting Pee Letting (or "peeing") Trepanation Trepotation Trecollinderation Leeches Tapeworms Earwigs Bears Skin Loosening Exorcism Prayer and most important of all "Faithing"