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  1. Johnny Unusual

    Episode 18 — Moral Panics

    Yeah, but I don't think it's a moral panic. "Kids eating spiders in their sleep to get high for Satan!" But yeah, bull honky like that spreads pretty darn easily.
  2. Johnny Unusual

    Parker (2013)

    They are pretty awesome comics.
  3. Johnny Unusual

    Corrections & Omissions: Jack Frost

    Oh dear God.
  4. Johnny Unusual

    Parker (2013)

    For a good Parker movie, watch Point Blank with Lee Marvin. For some reason they change his name to Walker (I guess walking is more dynamic than parking), but it is a great movie, even better than Payback, which I like. Both are very pulpy but Payback is fun and cartoonish (which I like) while Point Blank is a little stranger and darker (though also very funny at times).
  5. Johnny Unusual

    Episode 265 — LIVE from RIOT LA

    I completely agree. Lauren was great the whole episode and she completely blew me away by winning the closing sentiment-off. Seriously, she went to toe with PFT, probably the fastest thinker on the show and won. And it was a really good match. "If a duck is swimming in a circle, it's probably lost."
  6. Johnny Unusual

    The Riff Zone (Plugs Theme)

    Nice work. Do you know what goes great with guitar riffs. Comedy riffs. AAAAAAAWWWWWWW YEAH!
  7. Johnny Unusual

    Episode 318 — Black Superheroes

    There were black super-heroes before Black Lightning. Black Panther for instance, who first appeared in Fantastic Four in 1966 (a good 11 years before Black Lightning) and got his own series in 1972 when he took over as the lead of the comic series Jungle Action from a forgotten Tarzan clone named Tharn. While not a super-hero the character Lobo (no, not that one) is also notable is the first known black lead of a comic about a heroic cowboy framed for a crime he did not commit.
  8. Johnny Unusual

    Mike Detective Season 2

    While I'd like to see a second one, it isn't going to happen. At least, not in the foreseeable future. The writers tried to come up with an idea but didn't find anything they liked and they are all to busy with Comedy Bang Bang in all it's incarnations.
  9. Johnny Unusual

    10,000 BC (2008)

    I personally think this one is a little too dull, but maybe that's just me. Here's the trailer.
  10. Johnny Unusual

    Pootie Tang

    I really, really liked this movie unironically. It is a mess, but it is a very funny mess. Still, it would be good to have Louis CK on to discuss this crazy ass movie and to hear about how it could have been a better (and perhaps stranger) movie if it was closer to Louis' original vision. And hey, Louis can use it as an opportunity to promote the comedy movie he made in 98 that just got released.
  11. Johnny Unusual

    Celtic Pride (with Bill Simmons

    Here's the original trailer
  12. Johnny Unusual

    World War Z

    Thing is, I don't think this is a great movie, but it is not really HDTGM level of bad/crazy. It's just sort of blah. Not really enough for this show.
  13. Johnny Unusual

    Celtic Pride (with Bill Simmons

    I don't think a writing credit is going to stop them, They'll do what they want. If anything, if they could get Judd on, they could talk about it to see how Judd's vision was changed or why it wasn't a successful movie.
  14. Johnny Unusual


    Watched this on a flight to Australia. This is ridiculous, but not for the reasons you might think. Ashton isn't all that terrible (though certainly miscast) but the problem is the bizarrely fawning nature of the movie and how absurdly superficial it is. It feels like a movie that would appear in an episode of Entourage only it is an entire movie. It's bad, but not unwatchably bad. But it is also weird in that this feels like it is SO superficial that it doesn't even exist. It's like someone based the movie on Steve's wikipedia page or a high school report. It reminds me of the movie Walk Hard where Tim Meadows says "Well Dewey, this is the end of another chapter of your life." Imagine that but for a whole movie.
  15. Johnny Unusual

    Episode 17 — Pop Culture Expiration Dates (Pt. 2)

    I actually think Social Network will last... or at least if it doesn't, it won't be because facebook is out of vogue since we actually don't spend a lot of time with facebook itself in the movie. It really isn't hung up on trying to show how "in the know" it is with facebook, since the subject is the man behind it. I think if it doesn't last, it might be because something about the dialogue or storytelling that Aaron Sorkin will have aged poorly. I could see the way he rights dialogue going out of vogue, since a lot of his stuff has speechifying, although I think this one might hold up better than the West Wing due to its lack of "we can be better" speeches that are in almost all of Sorkin's stuff. In fact, for Sorkin, it's one of his more pessimistic movies, which might feed into Swaim's belief that less optimistic movies have a better chance at a longer shelf life, which I don't entirely agree with but I think there is a connection. Facebook itself might get forgotten and if the Social Network movie holds, it will do it as "that David Fincher/Aaron Sorkin" movie rather than "the facebook movie".
  16. Johnny Unusual

    Time Walker

    Hey, let's all just mellow out!
  17. Johnny Unusual

    Joe's Apartment (1996)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UZsf5WF1Ik This looks... oi, no thank you.
  18. Johnny Unusual

    Yo Earwolves!

    I thought that was a hairy Bellini from Kids in the Hall.
  19. Yeah, Joyeux Noel is one of my favourites. Definitely a great Christmas movie.
  20. Johnny Unusual

    Character Drawings

    Hey, this might have come in a bit late, but to anyone interested, this website is looking for artists http://goodcomics.comicbookresources.com/2013/12/18/last-reminder-for-the-line-it-is-drawn-call-for-artists/ Basically, on the site artists draw comic book-related images which are taken from suggestions on twitter. It's pretty cool.
  21. Johnny Unusual

    Buggy Malone

    Here's a trailer for BugSY Malone
  22. Johnny Unusual

    Transylvania 6-5000 (1985)

    I vaguely remember this one, but I always get it mixed up with the also-bad Transylvania Twist. Here's the trailer. Then a year later, Geena and Jeff made the Fly. Now THAT'S a great double feature.
  23. Johnny Unusual

    What guest do you want to see?

    Have James Adomian or Andy Daly been on not doing characters? I'd love to see them as themselves sometime, interacting with a character. Oh, and Conan O'Brien would be cool.
  24. Johnny Unusual

    All I Want is Plugs

    Nice one. I really hope it makes it!