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  1. Yeah, it didn't seem to hold a lot in it. That said, I'm not sure comedy music is your bag, but you might want to try music. You do have a knack for that.
  2. Johnny Unusual


    Bat Hawkerman
  3. Johnny Unusual

    Meeting Up

    I'm in New Brunswick. That's kinda close.
  4. Johnny Unusual

    What guest do you want to see?

    Eric is talking about Kedsy Matthews. Yeah, he would make for a great character guest. I'd also like Bob Odenkirk as Bob's Orsen Wellesesque acting coach, also from the commentaries. Oh, and Jay Johnston. That man needs to do more cartoon work, he's really got the voice for it. (though more recently, he has been getting more animated gigs). Same with Mark McKinney.
  5. Johnny Unusual

    Episode 106.5 — It\'s A Fucking Podcast: Pt. 2

    A falling moon. Huh. That's pretty dumb. Still, it's cooler than when the Incredible Hulk died from falling out of a helicopter in that TV movie.
  6. Johnny Unusual

    Another stupid suggestion

    "Stop eating that sandwich fatty, it's time for..." I like that one
  7. I will murder your firstborn. Orange you glad I didn't say what's up hot dog? There is nothing beyond death except nothingness. Eat fuck, cunt shits! (this might be Charlie Sheen's catchphrase, so you might want to check on that.) The moon landing was an inside job! Paul F Tompkins isn't in this episode! I'll cut of my toe for money. I actually think Ang Lee's Hulk is OK.
  8. Johnny Unusual

    Are we going to get more?

    I actually thought of a cool thing to do, if I had the resources, willingness and follow through. Make a slide show version to be played along side the radio adventures. I hope they go with the sci-fi bent and that each season takes a new tact: a western, a WWII adventure fighting 5th columnists, or even Mike and Stephanie as Fibber McGee and Molly.
  9. Johnny Unusual

    A concern in regards to the proposed new Earwolf studio.

    Is there a chance that the new studio may be hovercraft adjacent? Because I think that you need music for every conceivable vehicle.