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  1. Johnny Unusual

    Shocker (1989)

    Here's the trailer And a review
  2. Johnny Unusual

    Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)

    We can always merge these threads, Can't we. Still, people really need to be more careful checking.
  3. Johnny Unusual

    Congo (1995)

    Eh, just merge all the Congo threads. No biggie.
  4. Johnny Unusual

    Commando (1985)

    I think there must be other threads for this. But if not, yeah, this would make a good one. It's genuinely fun, but in the Roadhouse sort of vein.
  5. Johnny Unusual

    Ghost Fever

    This movie looks nuts. At least as bad as it looks, it doesn't look Nothing But Trouble levels of upsetting. This would make a great Halloween episode.
  6. Johnny Unusual


    It's flawed and crazy, but I'm not quite sure it fits with HDTGM. Though if it does appear, I would enjoy listening to it.
  7. Johnny Unusual

    Episode 243 — Blow Me Up, Tom!

    Great episode. I love Adomian giving us a wonderful "no, but". "Hey, Merril, is there anyone else in there." "Oh, let me check.... no!"
  8. Johnny Unusual

    Fateful Findings (2013)

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Also, is that a MIDI version of the Back to the Future theme mixed with the Never Ending Story theme.
  9. Johnny Unusual

    Virus (1999)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AV9r_XV8uWY Ouch, yeah that sounds great. Unlikely, I know, but how great would it be to have Jamie Lee on the show.
  10. Johnny Unusual

    Robot Holocaust

    I would like to see some Best Brains people to come on so they can do these films. Maybe Josh Weinstein.
  11. Johnny Unusual

    Layin Down The Plugs

    That man wants plugs laid down on him.
  12. Johnny Unusual

    Cyclops was right

    I don't wanna fight at all. Wait, what Frank Black song were we singing?
  13. Johnny Unusual

    Glimmer Man Correction

    I believe Paul says that Glimmer Man was the last major theatrical release with Seagal as the lead, but in fact, that was Half Past Dead from 2002. The only other theatrical film he appeared in was as the villain in Machete, in which he barely seems able to move. Between the two there was also 3 other movies, 2 of which were theatrical: Fire Down Below, the Patriot (a direct to dvd movie) and Exit Wounds. I also just want to mention Exit Wounds because it opens with Seagal saving the president! And it has nothing to do with the rest of the movie! And it co-stars Tom Arnold!
  14. Johnny Unusual

    Tammy & The T-Rex (1994)

    What, no Billy and the Clonasaurus?
  15. Johnny Unusual

    Untraceable (2008)

    I remember seeing the preview for this and thinking "I'm no expert, but I don't think anyone involved with this knows how computers work."
  16. Johnny Unusual

    Memorial Plugs Ballad

    Nice! Very great edit and a great song.
  17. Johnny Unusual

    Author character from old episode?

    Ha, I forgot about Quacker Featherbeak's Cuckoo Caper. I need to listen to that again.
  18. Johnny Unusual

    Traxx (1988)

    This... looks... insane... It looks like Hudson Hawk without the great direction or acting chops.
  19. Johnny Unusual

    Maximum Overdrive

    The trailer from the previous is gone and I want to bump, so... I imagine that he's getting more and more coked out between each take. BTW, you know that there's a good chance a movie will be HDTGM worthy if Dino DeLaurentis put his name on it. I mean, not always, but very often. Oh, and here's a classic...
  20. Johnny Unusual

    KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park (1978)

    Was hoping all of it was on Youtube. No such luck, but I did find this: (the REAL fun begins at 1:34, though the whole thing is a delight) They clearly wanted to be the new Monkees.
  21. Johnny Unusual

    Jason goes to Hell

    Got to admit that it is a pretty audacious beginning, beginning your slasher movie with the army blowing him up. But somehow, I imagine that it doesn't get better than that.
  22. Johnny Unusual

    The Toy (1982)

    Do you think Superman III was brought up on the set? "Well, the script looks bad, I admit, In fact, without you, the entire franchise has fallen apart. The jokes are awful, the plot makes no sense and the whole thing seems ridiculous. But, still, I'M NOT PROPERTY IN IT!"