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  1. Good episode. Yeah, I never felt much towards Belushi, except that though his style wasn't my own, he was clearly far more talented than his brother. I think generation is a factor, but not the only factor. There's cultural effects and just personal stuff. But things change with the culture and some kinds of humour or elements of those kinds of humour don't carry over. Or they carry over so much that their influence is hidden after it becomes part of the background.

  2. This was a great first episode. It does seem like it quite hasn't been broken in yet (as in, it doesn't feel 100 per cent smooth yet), but it is off to a GREAT start and I love the inclusion of earwolf folks commenting at the beginning. I also love how they cite themselves, which is smart for a podcast that risks inaccuracies (there's so much misinformation out there, it is easy to get tripped up).

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  3. For those who are on a budget, I want to recommend the following over the counter medications.





    Solar Eclipsequil





    Jennifer Anacin


    Michael Bayer

    Hudson Bayer

    Sittin' On the Dock of the Bayer

    Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

    Pro-Dandruff Shampoo

    Dandruff Neutral Shampoo

    St. John's Wart

    St. John's Pimple

    St. Simeon Stylites' Colon Polyp

    and Cheetos

  4. Recently, my circle of holistic medicine takers have been finding great success with various procedures that have been abandoned sometime in the middle ages. This could be because a lot of these have lead to death, and infection, but I feel that sometimes progress forgets to take some of the good stuff with it. Here are some REAL old-timey treatments that I recommend next time you have a boil or the black death.



    Bloodleading (putting lead into the bloodstream)

    Bile Letting

    Marrow Letting

    Pee Letting (or "peeing")








    Skin Loosening



    and most important of all "Faithing"

  5. Hello everyone. Recently, I went into the world of self-publication. I created a public service announcement comic to help people aware of the various illnesses and ailments we are all susceptible to and to remind ourselves to worry. My character, Captain St. John's Hospital, who defends his homeland by calling for the nurse at appropriate times when they aren't on their smoke break. Despite this amazing ability, the character has his flaws in the form of sicknesses and ailments. He reminds readers to list their problems and then get help from a part time crystal healer (cheaper than full time) on a regular basis. Here is a list of Captain St. John's Hospital's various comic book derived illnesses and ailments.


    Shrapnel in the Heart

    The Legacy Virus

    The Black Mercy Plague

    Lesion of Super-Heroes

    The Bat-Shingle


    Crisis on Multiple Sclerosis

    Crisis in Infinite Ears

    Wonder Woman's Invisible Jetlag

    Little Lulu Gerig's Disease

    Peter Parkinson's Disease

    Bed Thors

    Saddle Thors

    Sticking Out Like a Thor Some.


    Fallen Archies



    Tintin Ear


    Bruise Wayne

    Scurvy for Vendetta