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  1. Well said both Chang and Seanotron. I haven't listened to the podcast, but I do like the conversation as a Sci-fi and super-hero fan (need more diversity in heroes too. There are a lot of black heroes bit not a lot of memorable leads. Dwayne McDuffie did a lot of great work on that before his unfortunate passing.) I want to recommend a BBC documentary podcast about sci-fi writing in Africa. I don't remember the name of it and there's a lot to sort through, but it is pretty great.

  2. And of course, there would be DLC content for Ducca mini-games



    Dig Ducca

    Mortal Emotional Kontact

    Kevin Fuck Hunt


    Aff-Zero-Mation Nation

    Chronic the Depression

    Bob's Sleeping Pill Addiction Support Group Vs. Capcom

    Allergy Birds

    Rock Banned from the Library for Reason I Won't Go Into But I Will Admit to Using the Internet to See Inappropriate Materials


    Too Much Candy Crush and Now I Have Type 2 Diabetes

    Dr. Mario Won't See Me Until I Pay My Previous Hospital Bills

    Night Sweats Trap

    and Bad Bac Man

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  3. With Richard Matheson's recent passing, this might be a good time to remember that The Box exists, which even the positive reviews say makes little sense logically and is just flat out bizarre. But mostly, it's considered a non-good movie. It is also probably easier to watch than Richard Kelly's magnum opus Southland Tales.


    Kelly basically took a very simple story that Matheson wrote and made it a bizarre mess.


  4. A fewof small omissions:


    - I was hoping someone would point out that Disney now OWNS Howard, the character they sued for looking too much like Donald. When the original creator, Steve Gerber, returned to the character in the early 2000's, after having left the character for about 20 years (due to a dispute with Marvel over ownership rights), he did an R-rated version that poked fun of Disney by having Howard turn into a mouse.


    - As Kirsten Schaal pointed out, it was an existential comic and though there was humour and satire, a lot of it was commenting on the human condition and, according to Gerber;"that life's most serious moments and most incredibly dumb moments are often distinguishable only by a momentary point of view." Screenwriter Gloria Katz rejected that notion saying, "It's a film about a duck from outer space... It's not supposed to be an existential experience".


    - And just as an interesting tag to the existential aspect, the tagline for both the movie and the comic is "trapped in a world he never made," which is a bit of a joke since that's the human condition: WE ARE ALL TRAPPED IN A WORLD WE DIDN'T MAKE!

  5. Howard the Duck is not a detective in the comics... he's really just a guy who strange things happen too, sort of accidentally wandering into adventures by virtue that he's an alien on Earth. He'll sometimes pick up other jobs, but often depended on Beverly (the character Lea Thompson played).

  6. Recently, I went to an unlicensed but friendly doctor who I trusted to perform a simple mole removal. Well, colour me embarrassed because after he used anesthesia to put me under (this should have been my first warning sign, but suffering from insomnia as I do, I welcomed it) he performed the following unnecessary surgeries and treatments. Now, I don't go to "mainstream" doctors for fear of encountering a callous and mean "Dr. House" like figure or a particularly grumpy Doogie Howzer, so if you can give me any advice about how to deal with the after effects of the following surgeries, I would appreciate it.






    White Rhinoplasty

    Skin Grafts

    Ear Grafts

    Corruption and Graft AKA the Tammany Tiger AKA The Nixon Addition



    Biopsy Daisy

    Hair Transplant

    Heart Transplant

    Skin Trans AM

    Appendix Implants

    A Triple Bypass

    A Double Lane Highway

    A High Colognic (not a misprint)

    A Bone Bleaching

    A Root Canal

    And a mud pack


    That you, and I can't wait to hear about the holistic and locally bought ways I can deal with this.

  7. I'll admit this one might not be too likely since it is a bit rare, but if they ever do an older TV movie, this would be great. It's the little known TV movie sequel to Rosemary's Baby that has the baby grow up and try to reject his anti-christ destiny. It's very 70's and very ridiculous.