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  1. I'm surprised no one mentioned the Harry Potter character from the film Troll. The hero is a boy named Harry Potter who discovers his aunt is a witch and must learn magic to stop a troll. It's one of the looser ones (it's really just the name and the magic), but it is also one of the more prominent ones.


    Also, it is an odd movie:


  2. A great example of M.P. was just brought back to my attention this weekend when I saw Nick Thune, he's got a bit that mentions the bogus statisitic that on average a person will eat three spiders a year while sleeping. A statistic that is not only false but was created by someone to prove the point in that false information can be extememly contagious. As he mentioned it I noticed several people around me nodding and guestering to their table mates as if to say "yeah, I've heard that!"



    Yeah, but I don't think it's a moral panic.


    "Kids eating spiders in their sleep to get high for Satan!"


    But yeah, bull honky like that spreads pretty darn easily.