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  1. Maybe I missed it because I was listening while working but another example is the idea that gangsters are sharp dressers. I don't remember all the details, but I remember hearing that gangsters dressed rather poorly until movies came out where they were dressed like business men (possibly because there were certainly gangsters in positions of power and people probably associated gangsters with corrupt politicians who's crimes are essentially those of gangsters (Tammany Hall). Unfortunately, I can't find citation for this so I could be WAY off or remembering incorrectly. Does this factoid ring a bell for anyone or am I nuts? Or both?

  2. I really liked this episode. DAG was a surprisingly great guest for both a first timer and for someone who I've often seen in much broader comedies (Jumanji, McCale's Navy, etc) and I see how impressive he is at rolling with all of the stuff and just being a real funny guy. I also really liked Lauren's Regina Crimp character (I don't have any names in front of me, but did she also do a sketch for the Paul F Tompkins show that was about a commercial for a family fun centre) and Joe's frozen yogurt guy. I hope to see more of both comedians as regulars.

  3. I think Liana has some interesting arguments, but some of them are a bit lazy. There's the aforementioned complaint that simply labeling something as "silly" is a weak argument (especially since you work for a comedy website, where you should embrace silly. Of course, I suppose that's a different context, but still). After all, I think some of my favourite stuff is silly and there is nothing wrong with that. After all, there are movies and TV shows and music that I think I would like a LOT better if they weren't so self-serious (I think people would be a lot more forgiving of the Walking Dead if there were moment were people were reminded that they WANT to live and have some form of joy.)


    But I actually have more of an issue with her throwing around stuff like "kid's music" and "simple". Both are things that are not bad things. Now for the argument that it isn't as deep as a lot of people think it is gets no argument from me and I like that, but I hate the idea that simplicity or even immaturity is inferior to complexity and adult themes. There is beauty in both. Also, I think that you can find both in Beatles music and in some cases there is weakness in making something overly complex. And for the record, I love Maxwell's Silver Hammer. I always put Malcolm McDowell as Alex de Large in the Maxwell role. I even like Octopus' Garden. It's not a great song, but I like it. And I actually discovered the Beatles as I've gotten older. I'm actually not that fond of the stuff I heard as a kid ("Oh Blah Di" is a song that I was never that fond of).


    Still, I get where Liana was coming from. My opinion is certainly less controversial, but I think a lot of people would object to me thinking the Who is overrated. To me, they only have a handful of good songs ("My Generation", "See For Miles", much of Quadrophenia), but I have a very hard time with some of their other stuff (the music that was used on CSI openings that go on forever, half of Baba O'Riley, their Summertime Blues cover) and find it rather dull.


    But I did really like the episode. I hope they do another one like this, but next time please make more notes that aren't just the plot. Soren makes some good points, but I feel too much of it is explaining the plot and then naming one or two elements they like instead of how those elements make the whole of it worth watching.


    Oh, and my shitty taste (besides Octopus' Garden?). There's probably a better example I'm forgetting, but I really like the forgotten and low rated horror film P2: The Next Level in Terror. It's silly, but every time I watch it, I am invested.


    Oh and They Might Be Giants as a "kid's band"? DON'T. EVEN.

  4. I think people actually forget that there was some sci-fi stuff in a lot of those books, including "Tarzan and the Ant-Men", "Tarzan at the Earth's Core" and "Tarzan and the Lion Man" (which was essentially just The Island of Dr. Moreau with Tarzan), so there is a history of crazy shit in those books. I don't think they ever did aliens in the official books, though.

  5. No one mentioned what made this movie a really interesting idea: it was a film that Coppola had a tour for (or was supposed to, I don't know if it actually happened in the end) and would edit live with the score being performed live. It would be edited towards audience reactions: if the audience was responding to the humour more, he would skew it that way or if they responded more to horror or character bits, he might focus on those. It really is a cool, experimental idea. Too bad it was for this movie.