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  1. Great episode. While I largely feel the same way about the Breaking Bad ending, I do feel the last scene is supposed to read slightly darker. Basically, someone mentioned the aspect of acceptance while the character does get everything he wants, I think we are supposed to read the idea that Walt's real love is his meth, not just chemistry. Swaim pretty much says this, but I think my take on the mood in that last scene is that part of his acceptance is that he accepts that he is selfish and that winning is the most important thing to him. He still loves his family, but winning trumps them and they only get a "happy ending" for them (which, let's face it, probably won't help them all that well down the line) and that helping them was less about family comes first (which he finally confesses wasn't the case) and more about his supreme win. I think the show is working to have it's cake and eat it too in the final scene: we get the triumph of Walt winning but at the same time, we know that it is favour of not redemption (I don't consider what he did for Jesse redemption so much as a sign of humanity and a love for Jesse that he had for much of the series. After all, that;s why he let his girlfriend die. Man, love is an ugly thing) but pride. But maybe that's just me. Even though it is a fairly straightforward ending, I think there's a lot to discuss and debate.


    And while I REALLY, REALLY liked that ending, I totally sympathize with Michael, I would have like a rug-being-pulled ending, too. Not really the White just shoots up a mall (it doesn't feel right), but something where the grandeur of Walter White is deflated.

  2. My favourite version of that is the cliffhanger ending where it's like "We can't continue? Then you will never know what THIS is about!" in a last ditch (though usually too late) effort to renew interest. Like in Duckman, where the lead character's wife suddenly appears and reveals she never died and that one of the main characters knew. And, of course, the famous Twin Peaks ending (which is amazing!)


    Then there's a show that scorches the earth (literally and figuratively) and discovers they got another season: the cop comedy Sledge Hammer ends season one with the apocalypse, discovers they had a season two and declare the last episode happened "far in the future".

  3. Fantastic episode! Mookie did a great job and taking what could have easily been a lazy impression and took it to crazy, fun places. Probably my favourite bit is MJ's background conversation to himself when Scott and Rob are discussing how much they don't care for MJ. "Parental lock?!" But I'm also a sucker for any depiction of Hell that sounds like a bizarre combination of "fun place to be" with all the torture and horror we expect.

  4. This makes me think of another topic I'd like to see: endings that the creators regret. I don't mean endings that the creator was forced to do, but an ending he thought was good at the time but changed his mind on it. For example, after he became a father, Spielberg said that he wouldn't have done the ending where the lead leaves his family to be with space men. Also, Harlan Ellison wrote a boy and his dog sequel with a dark and unpleasant ending that he later really regretted that came from a place of anger (Ellison? Angry? What has the world come to?)

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  5. It was also co-written by one of the original creators of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre who wasn't Tobe Hooper.


    from IMDB.com


    "Intended by director Kim Henkel to be the "real" sequel to the original The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. The characters of Vilmer and W.E. were intended to be the Hitchhiker and Cook characters from the original film. Jim Siedow was approached to reprise his Cook character, but was unable to."

  6. It might be a good Christmas episode, but the question is not "is it bad enough" but "is it crazy enough." Like is it bizarre, like Old Dogs, or just painfully, boringly bad?



    It does look crazy when you see who is involved...


    That gay panic scene makes me cringe.