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  1. Personally, I would have liked a return to suicide house, but that's mostly because we only get Buford and Messmore once a year. Of course, if they were to show up more often... And ghost boy. And it's at a summer camp. Do they need to do every Halloween? No. But once a year? Yes please (A Suicide House Christmas?)


    I LOVED Dykula though. Particularly how human she is... relatively speaking. She doesn't play up the vampireness too much, but knows just when to use it.


    I love Scott teasing Paul about his not-too-deep character. The character worked best when he wasn't saying his catchphrase. Interesting fact: Paul Rust was referencing the Creeps, a Charles Band movie that totally exists




  2. A couple things:


    In addition, not only are the marines an overall strange choice, but Santa Mira (the town that Silver Shamrock took over) is landlocked, as far as I can tell. Why not at least say "the military", if you need army guys.


    I'm pretty sure Cochran just got destroyed from the power of Stonehenge and his death looked different because he got a full blast of magic energy rather than a laser blast. He wasn't smiling because he was getting away, his attitude was "ah, ya got me". He knew he was gonna get disintegrated by the magic.


    Finally, the film's uncredited writer, Nigel Kneale, is actually kind of a big deal. He was a horror/sci-fi writer who created the Quatermass character, who appeared in TV, film and radio and heavily influenced Dr. Who. The story does have Quatermass-like elements to it, such as a big apocalyptic threats and ancient forces returning to retake the Earth (which isn't actually in the movie, but it does make reference to the "old ways" of Halloween). Anyway, John Carpenter was a big fan and asked him to write the script, just saying that it needed to involve Halloween. Unfortunately, the film was taken away from him and rewritten by the director since the studio wanted a much more violent film than what Kneale wanted to make.



    Interestingly, John Carpenter later did his own Quatermass homage: Prince of Darkness.