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  1. Because there's something very samey about all of Seagle's works. Over the Top is a sports movie and Demolition Man is a sci-fi actioner. Drive Angry was another Ghost Rider movie while Season of the Witch was a historical action fantasy (both are action movies but with very different tones. With Seagle, the tones are all the same and the character is all the same (because Seagle can't act). It's really good to get distance between samey movies.

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  2. So what movie do we want to see done this year. We did a slasher last year, so as a change of pace, I'd love Halloween III (which was probably what John Carpenter said).


    Other good choices would be:


    House - The Japanese one. It would also be their first foreign language film.


    Demons - I actually REALLY like this one, but it is ludicrous in the Roadhouse way. There's a scene near the end where the hero gets on a motorcycle, and rides up and down the aisles of the theatre, cutting up demons as heavy metal music plays. It's like the director said "you're welcome 13 year old boys!"