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  1. 1) The Peanut Butter Solution. I might be too hopeful, but I think this one might happen some day.


    2) The Star Wars Holiday Special. This Christmas if possible.


    3) Troll 2. I know they said they didn't want to do this one, but I would still love it. Yeah, other people have done it, but all of those people have unique sensibilities and points of view. Besides, just bring the little kid turned documentarian on the show.


    4) The Wizard


    5) The Story of Ricky

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  2. Like it or hate it (I like it), I kinda think it doesn't quite belong, but I would still love to have an episode about this with the Chiodo brothers on. If you listen to their Killer Klowns commentary, they clearly love the movie but aren't afraid to mock it and point out silly plot holes (there's a character who takes a shower that is at least 20 minutes long)

  3. ETA: I suggest you instead go rent a Jean Rollin film, preferably Night Of The Hunted. It's possibly the best movie to drink wine and fall asleep to. But my offer still stands, I'll mail you a DVD and a breakfast burrito, if that's what you hunger for.


    Is it about Robert Mitchum being stalked by two children with money hidden in a doll?

  4. I HATED this movie. I'll forgive a Body Snatchers movie with a happy ending, but think about it: the premise is that everyone becomes a snatcher (or whatever) and does awful stuff. Even if the people who were replaced had no memory, everyone who didn't probably have a hell of a traumatic experience and this would probably have a horrifying effect on the populations psyche. But the ending basically says "Don't worry folks, this mass mindfuck in no way interrupted the status quo."


    Boy was it awful. But it's been a while since I've seen it. Is it HDTGM crazy, or just tepid and dumb?