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  1. Slamron

    Character Drawings

    Dang, IanLaser, your site is full of good art too! Also bookmarked!
  2. Slamron

    Character Drawings

    That's some badass painting going on there, Lucas T. I found your blog via your profile and bookmarked it. Clicked on your link too, Gustaf. Really impressive design stuff you have going on there, so I bookmarked your site as well. Fuck yeah art!
  3. Slamron

    No new episode this week? 01/08/14

    Bummer. Get better Sark!
  4. That was great. Great guests as always. Hopefully it doesn't take Amy Poehler as long to come back for a 2nd appearence as it did for here to make her 1st appearence!
  5. Great episode! All of the guests were superb. Case closed is a good segment that adds some contrast to the usual flavor of Improv4Humans. I always enjoy it, but a few of them have reminded me of those early non-conference football games between top 10 teams and FCS schools. It's fun to see your team kicking butt, but after the 5th or 6th touchdown in a row you wish the other team would put up a fight. Matt Besser's interview with Randy Cohen should help the segment evolve further and become even better.
  6. Slamron

    Episode 111 — Hi, How Are You?

    Gelman you conniving piece of shit. I hope you do get a podcast so I can listen to it every week and be all fuckin judgy towards it.
  7. Slamron

    Episode 13 — Bathtub Safety

    What was that, a Mogwai?
  8. Slamron

    Episode 6 — Ms. Hardtar's Dog

    Best affirmation yet.