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  1. No, I am not leaving "of the Galaxy 2" off of the title, and yes this movie will not be released for a year, but look at this trailer: Guardians looks like it has the potential to be over the top insane fun ala later Fast & Furious moves/Crank. It has a werebear with a chain gun for fuck's sake! I hope this movie turns out as good as it looks in the trailer.
  2. From what I have read, David O. Russell had been trying to make this film in 2008 between Huckabees and The Fighter, but everything broke down and was abandoned without finishing shooting. However, some time in the recent past, whoever ended up with the footage decided to take the pieces of what was filmed and stitch together a "movie." On paper it sounds like it would draw an audience, it has some major stars and is from an acclaimed director, but sits at a 7% on RT. This came to my attention because of an AV Club article where someone took a completely out of context fragment and used it to make it look like the reviewer had called it a "comedic masterstroke" when in context the opposite was being said. http://www.avclub.com/article/no-i-didnt-call-your-shitty-movie-comedic-masterst-221227 This looks like an attempt at ham-fisted political commentary and it sounds like it would be a good one to do only if they were able to get someone involved in the trainwreck
  3. That's all I have to say
  4. Deepest Bluest (Sharks Fin) had me thinking about the songs from the HDTGM movies and I wanted to put together a playlist of songs from HDTGM movies. I tried Spotify, but they didn't have the aforementioned Deepest Bluest, so I put together a youtube playlist. It's very incomplete so if anyone has either songs they want to add or a more collaborative way of creating a playlist feel free to suggest. (also is there a way to embed playlists?)
  5. 1. It's streaming on Netflix until Jan 1st 2. It has an 8% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 4.1 on IMDB 3. Nominated for 2 razzies and 2 teen choice awards 4. It has a rapping kangaroo 5. It's a Jerry Bruckheimer movie
  6. So I will fully admit that I have not seen this movie, it could be fairly boring I don't know (I vaguely remember seeing the commercials with Cage bench pressing a woman). However Nic Cage, David Caruso and Sam L. Jackson is a powerful combination (Plus the Tucc) and it's about when all three were peaking. I put this up here because I saw that combo of names and that it is coming to Netflix on May 1st, so at minimum I will be watching this movie. Anyone else have any thoughts on it?
  7. I have not seen this movie since it came out on VHS and it is crazier than I remember. Some stray observations: - I want someone to tally up the number of times you hear the "woosh" sound in space, I bet it's at least 3 wooshes per minute. At least. And only about 3/5ths of the movie takes place in space. - And the explosions? Good lord. I know this is Michael Bay, but rocks will smash into each other and explode like they're made out of flint and filled with gunpowder. - How much of this movie is slow motion? As it is the movie is 2 & 1/2 hours, but if you played all of the footage at normal speed you could probably cut 45 minutes off the running time.
  8. Lando

    The Shawshank Redemption

    I have been well. I went from withdrawing from forums and the like because I was miserable at my job to not having any time to participate in forums because of starting a new, much more fulfilling job at the end of 2017. I hope you've been doing well and glad to see they've put you in charge of the Unspooled discussions.
  9. Lando

    Episode 194 - Yes, Giorgio: LIVE!

    I think there is something to the "this was all a plan to get him to sing at The Met" theory. After Giorgio loses his voice and will not let Pamela look at him, Henry (his manager) tells him a story about another Italian opera singer that refused to let a German doctor look at his throat, but in the time it took to find an Italian doctor it was too late, the singer had lost his voice. Then later in the film it's his idea to get Pamela to convince him to sing at the Met. Henry is clearly not above manipulating Giorgio into doing what he wants. Pamela is clearly uninterested in Giorgio, she even has her suspicion confirmed that he tells everyone that a specific aria is for them and being a top notch surgeon unimpressed by his show of wealth but for some unknown reason decides to chase him across the country. I think that Henry convinces Pamela to charm him just long enough to convince him to sing in the Met. He flies her out to San Francisco and she gives the weak cover that she "drove" all the way out there, spends a "romantic" week (when she is talking to her creepy coworker she says sarcastically "it was the most exciting and romantic week I've ever had") and does fall for him. Then the moment that he proves he can sing at the Met and has overcome his fear and her task is over she doesn't even wait for the performance to end and bounces. I admit that the theory has a lot of holes and needs some work, but it makes a lot more sense than the plot as it is presented.
  10. Lando

    Episode 194 - Yes, Giorgio: LIVE!

    Why does Pamela have to say "oh, this is the maid" to his wife and why do they come up with the convoluted niece cover when "This is my throat doctor" explanation would be perfectly acceptable for an Opera singer?
  11. Lando

    The Shawshank Redemption

    So I just wanted to pop my head up to say that I have had the same criticism of it as Amy, that I thought it would have taken more guts as a storyteller to tell the story of a guilty man, but made you sympathetic to his plight. Having him be innocent all along just seems like too easy of a way out. Also, about 10 years ago there was a meme of remixing the Opera scene with Andy playing other songs for the prisoners (Phil Colins, Iron Maiden, etc,). This one is my favorite:
  12. EDIT: I should have said actors or directors. We all know they have done a bunch of Stallone and Cage movies, but who do you feel makes bad movies that you would think by now would be on the list of HDTGM all stars? Brendan Fraser - I know a lot of his movies are sort of self-aware and goofy, but others are somewhat serious attempts to entertain and I'm surprised that none of those have been done yet. Paul WS Anderson - His best movie was probably Hellraiser in Space AKA Event Horizon, but he has made a bunch of movies that deserve the scrutiny of the show.
  13. It has been a long time since I saw this movie, but it has a 5.4 on imdb and due to the Wild Wild West episode, I thin you could get some more good Jon Peters material out of it due to this factoid:
  14. Bad comedy can be iffy. A lot of times it's not bad/funny, just bad/annoying, but at a 0% it seems worth investigating.
  15. Lando

    Oscar (1991)

    Just putting this one out there. I remember it being in theaters, but have yet to see it (will soon, it's on the Encore schedule), but I wanted to throw it out there since Stallone will soon become king of HDTGM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6UNQB1Lo1s
  16. Lando

    Cherry 2000 (1987)

    I watched this movie last week and it has to be done. It's basically one man's quest to find a replacement sex bot interrupted by human connection. This movie has Jason written all over it.
  17. Lando

    Episode 170.5 - Minisode 170.5

    Coming out of hiding to say "WOO HOO" to Miami Connection. If you want to see it and not buy it I think it's up on PopcornFlix, which is available on Roku and Playstation 3 (and I think 4 and I think at least XBOX360. I haven't had any time to play games so I have older consoles that are operating as media streamers)
  18. Lando

    Blank Check (1994)

    They need to do this for the child/adult romance angle alone, it would have paired nicely with Sleepwalkers
  19. Lando

    Episode 159.5 - Minisode 159.5

    This guy directed the HDTGM-worthy Deadfall:
  20. Lando

    Miami Connection (1987)

    I got a mass email from the distributor of Miami Connection that I thought would be of interest to fans of MC:
  21. Lando

    Episode 156.5 - Minisode 156.5

    This is perfect, now I wish I could more HDTGM movies slightly sped up.
  22. Lando

    EPISODE 114 — Runaway

    Someone pointed me to this scathing clip of Paul Stanley reading from his audio book where he says that Gene traded some backup vocals from a movie producer's children for a role in a movie and that he saw one of Gene's movie and it was "embarrassing" (about 14 minutes in). I'm just assuming that this all applies to Runaway. I thought some of you might find it interesting.
  23. Lando

    Episode 150 - Grease 2

    Yeah, they really pushed it
  24. Lando

    Episode 150 - Grease 2

    As much as I hated Grease 2, I loved June's enthusiasm for it. Some of my favorite episodes have been when one of the core HDTGMers enjoys the film in spite of its shittiness.
  25. Lando

    Episode 149.5 - Minisode 149.5

    I suspect that a lot the hate is from people who don't usually like musicals (such as myself). If you like musicals you might be more inclined to enjoy Grease 2 in a fun bad way.