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  1. RLBlastoff

    Episode 48 — Bag Of Cell Phones

    Come visit us over at Professor Blastoff to hear more Bill Maher and other great impressions. Signed, RL Blastoff
  2. RLBlastoff

    Episode 7 — Deja Vu

    Thanks for the feedback. When I return from outer space, I plan on mailing you all a thank-you card. Signed, RL
  3. RLBlastoff

    Episode 6 — DNA

    Scientist guy is a friend of ours and we hope to have him back. Tig Wigs coming soon! Signed, RL
  4. RLBlastoff

    Episode 9 — Dimensions

    I love my half baked kooks. and will no doubt look into switching heads and bodies. Signed, RL
  5. RLBlastoff

    Episode 8 - Evolution

    Dr. Cohen is a friend of Tig's, had listened to the show, knew what he was getting into and was thrilled with how the episode came out, even asking to come back for another. So look for more Dr. Cohen in the future with hopefully longer riddles! Thanks for listening everyone! Signed, RL
  6. The professor will be joining.
  7. RLBlastoff

    Episode 6 — DNA

    Dr. Platte is fully responsible for our success and we thank him.
  8. RLBlastoff

    Episode 5 — Sweet Dreams

    Jens is the best! Also, we will keep track of all requests and hopefully in time your topic will be discussed.
  9. Thanks so much for coming back every week!