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  1. I couldn't even get through the comments... I'm going to need to borrow Jon Hamm's tear ewer to attempt the episode... Thanks for this epsiode, Scott, Earwolf techs, and especially, Hair-Dog. RIP, man.
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    Nighthawks, starring Sly, Billy Dee, and Rutger Hauer... I had totally forgotten about this movie until I caught in on TV recently. The opening and closing scenes, in particular, could fill up an entire HDTGM episode on their own. #Rocky GalBoa
  3. pbnews

    Episode 250 β€” Podcast Silence

    I have the exact opposite take.. I feel like I would not be able to stand Pete in real life, but damn is he funny. Seems like he tries his best to make me hate him, but dude is quick with the bon mots (ok, I don't know what that means...)
  4. pbnews

    CBB Live Tour Episodes

    Garry Marshall was definitely in his element... And I think the Wacky Ding Dongs were even funnier than CBB proper.
  5. I've got a couple of extra tickets for tonight's (Monday Oct 7) show at Turner Ballroom in Milwaukee. They're free to a Wisconsin Earwolfer, if you can make it on short notice... I'm pretty sure I can just email you the URL where you can print the tickets. They have my name on them at the bottom, but I'm pretty sure you don't need to show ID (as long as the tickets haven't been scanned yet, they should get you in...) Post here if you can go, and I'll figure out how to get you the URL. Mah Wife.
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    Sidney's going to be the funniest baby ever, like the Andre Agassi/Steffi Graf baby, but for improv. Congrats Matt and Danielle!
  8. My ex-girlfriend is an inner-city junior high teacher, and talks about this ALL the time. White kids acting out get a million chances (especially from senior educators), whereas minorities are instantly kicked out of class/suspended/given up on. She also complained that there was no respect or understanding for cultural differences by the mostly-white teaching staff (for example, the idea that louder, livelier conversation and "talking over" each other can be a cultural thing, and not necessarily a sign of a student being disrespectful or not caring). The majority of people in education professions would likely consider themselves "liberal," but from the stories I've heard, there is apparently some underlying "expectation" that minority kids are bound for failure, which translates to a lack of patience with these students that contradicts the theory posited in this episode.
  9. Being from California, I have no stake in this debate, but I hope the poster is willing to stick his neck out (it would suck if he didn’t). Fangs for throwing this challenge down, Batt. I mean, Matt.
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    What guest do you want to see?

    Jake Fogelnest, Dan Fogelberg, Jared Fogle (from Subway), Dan Fogler, and John Fogerty. It could be a theme episode (the theme being 'people who have been on TV')
  11. pbnews

    Episode 132 β€” Not Jared Leto Good

    Adam's not the beret guy! Or wait, was this a geek test? If so, I guess I passed... *continues in-progress Settlers of Catan game*
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    Summer Movie League. Year 2?

    I'm in, but I think I signed up a bit late, because the standings already show studios with billions of dollars in earnings. Nevertheless, "The Murphy Group" is on the scene, and ready to come from behind (that's not a euphemism -- I meant that purely in the sexual sense).
  13. Don't want to get involved in the Barack Hussein Odrama, but Spirit Bear is a solid poster, and one of our more fervent Earwolfers... I'd hate to see him deleted over this lame thread... (I'm not a roommate, by the way, just a guy who usually likes the community around here).
  14. Everyone knows the metal thing is just a smokescreen, and Brian just listens to "Two Princes" on repeat while skipping happily through his day.
  15. Yes, that IS a baguette in my pocket, but I am also happy to see you. I don't see why one thing would preclude the other...
  16. Mah wife! Sorry, carry on...
  17. No, but it's much appreciated nonetheless. #HelicopterRides
  18. Damn, over 100 posts. CBB is blowing up like Ice Cube's pager (on a good day). In related news, I just saw the lights of the Goodyear Blimp, and it said "Scott Aukerman's a Pimp."
  19. pbnews

    Amazing Grace and Chuck (1987)

    Comin' hard wit yo first post, Son... Good call - this movie is NLB for sure...
  20. pbnews

    What's the episode where...?

    I'm way too late on this, but it's definitely Doug Benson who gets this WYR scenario. I think it might be Episode 40, where Doug plays WYR with Christopher Hitchens and Harris.
  21. Adam Scott, Adam Pally, and Harris Wittels in a new WC tradition: "Charts and Bro-creation"
  22. pbnews

    List of Scott's Frequently Repeated Phrases

    Referring to MC Hammer as "Master of Ceremonies Hammer". This one's only happened a few times, but it's so great that I've adopted it when referencing Mister Hammer in everyday life (happens way more often that you'd think). It's just so, I don't know, "legit" that I'm having trouble quitting it.
  23. Beat me to it... this cover is "pret-ty spectacular"